How to create a chat in Viber where you can't download images

Therefore, when we look for applications that allow us to call, as well as sending messages for free, we need to know how they respect the privacy of their customers.

The Viber application presents itself now, as the security of the information managed there by its millions of users is its strong point. And this is due to what happens with other Viber-like applications, where privacy sometimes raises doubts.

All of this has led Viber to tell its users that they guarantee security in private chatsand that the conversations they have are theirs and nobody else's.

Naturally, his privacy policies have led him to make changes to his platform, which ensure the security of information managed by his customers. Some of these we will mention below.

Viber cannot see your personal or group chats, it also adds that these are protected by full encryption. This protection does not allow you to see your conversations or listen to your calls, as it is an automatic application protection.

Only the people with whom you talk to or message to can access it. They also tell their customers that they will not sell their content.

How to create a chat in Viber where you can't download images

How to create chats with images that are deleted?

Within Viber application there are some features that have been included in its new updates, now there is one called secret message. What do you do with this feature, we will tell you.

If we want to send a photo which could be something different, it can be a video, even a screenshot, in this we can manage in time that they can see what we have sent.

It is done by marking the time counter that goes from 1 to 10 seconds, that is the time in which they will be able to see what we have sent, moreover, the contacts who see it will not be able to download it. This feature is very good in case we don't want something to expand too much.

Another important point that Viber offers is that your messages, conversations, images or files are not stored on their servers, since they go in the form of an encrypted code directly to the recipient. At some point you want to know where our Viber audios are stored, read this article and learn.

How to make your Viber account more secure?

How to create a chat in Viber where you can't download images

Security is important, although Viber has proven to be safer, we can also contribute in several ways, here we will mention them to put them into practice.

  • One way is change the option to see your contacts, there you will prevent the people sending you from knowing when you read them. You do that, go to settings, then privacy, then click the place to share the status.
  • You can also hide if you are doing something inside the app, you do it if you go to the privacy settings, press the Share usage status button, so they will not know if you are present within the application.
  • Another option is hide your status in Viber, locate the settings, then go to privacy, press the share status button.
  •  Also, if you want to remove your profile picture, locate the privacy, then get the profile picture, turn it off by pressing where no one says, you can also change the last connection time in Viber if you want.

It is very interesting to know that security within applications has given a lot of importance, let's see how Viber has improved it a lot. Also, how can we improve our privacy.

They are very simple ways, for example we have seen how we determine the time in which in some cases they can see a message, a photo or a video. And with the option of secret message we can get it.

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