How to create a cover or banner for Linkedin using Canva for free

That's why, when it comes to work, you need to look as professional as possible. Many find this professionalism in front of a recruiter in the form of an accurate resume; or simply to dress exquisitely whenever the opportunity arises.

But today job page profiles probably have a lot to do with how people get jobs.

A profile on a career page can be anything, and if you don't believe it, ask LinkedIn users. This page is all about connections, content, and a highly professional look whenever it comes to finding new jobs.

It can be a bit of a tricky process to find a job on this page, so you need to know how to take your time and take advantage of every little advantage you have. That's why thinking of a nice banner for your profile might not be a good idea. See below how to make one.

How to create a cover or banner for Linkedin using Canva for free

Why use Canva?

Uploading a banner to your LinkedIn profile is a fairly straightforward process. All you have to do is have the banner or cover in image format and upload it directly to your profile and that's it. But the problem is how to make a banner.

Many people are very good at creating all kinds of visual content through Photoshop or other similar programs. But if your thing is something else, you may want to try simpler and more specialized programs like canva.

Canva is an online page or platform that allows you to use its assets to create loads of visual content. You can create nice infographics and even posters for the company.

Everything always looks professional and very neat, so it's not a bad idea to have a Canva account so you can do whatever you need to do. Because, above all, it is completely free. And, in addition, you can create a banner there.

How to create a cover or banner for Linkedin using Canva for free

Create a LinkedIn banner in Canva

The first thing you need to do to start creating a new LinkedIn banner is to open a Canva account. Once logged in with your new one account, the process is very different indeed. All you have to do is start by choosing some of the hundreds of templates available for you.

You can choose an accentuated one and then fill it in little by little. It's always a good idea to upload some photos of yourself at work or your workspace, then add a filter from your tools and a nice font with your own name and your company if you need it.

There really isn't much to explain because the process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow the steps on the screen, drag the elements you need onto your new banner and fill it in little by little. It will almost do it on its own, but you need to take the necessary items from your image library or other items.

And put it all together little by little and you will have a banner in minutes so you can load it and look more professional on your profile LinkedIn.

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