How to Create a Custom Template in Microsoft Publisher - Very Easy

If we often use a publication, it can be a brochure or an advertisement, we can create a reusable custom template to save time. Basically you can create a model from any position.

This is very useful for creating business or personal cards, as we can add the letterhead or information and then save it as a template or create it from a blank publication.

How to Create a Custom Template in Microsoft Publisher - Very Easy

Find or edit templates in Publisher

When we open Publisher, we can see a catalog of templates that can be selected. You can create a file with a pattern similar to the one you need to post to help you. Once the model is open, you can edit elements like colore, characters o graphics.

You can create a Publisher template from any file that has been saved as a Publisher template and reuse them as many times as you want without having to apply the customizations again.

As mentioned above, Publisher offers logos, basic layouts and dynamic features that allow for easy formatting. In addition to this you can:

  • Use one of the post templates to create exactly the type of file you want, such as a calendar, newsletter or postcard.
  • Design a publication, customize it to your needs and save it as a template.

Custom templates in Publisher from a blank publication

When we create a new publication in the editor, we can select a template blank or default. It is important to remember that a copy of the file will be created so that the original model is not modified.

If we want to make a change, we can open the copy of the file e from there make the changes.

To create a custom template, the first thing to do is to choose the page size and layout of the publication. The next thing will be to choose the model format, where all the elements that will make up the model will be. You can change the font and colors to your liking.

Once we are satisfied with the elements that will make up the template we will have to save it. To do this we will have to go to the file, then click on the option Save eat and there we will have to select the option Shop by Department.

We have to click on type and from the options that will be displayed we will have to select the model of the publisher and it will automatically redirect us to the folder of the models of Office notifications . We put the name and we give it to save and that's it.

It is important to note that if we save the file to a different folder, Publisher will not be able to find or open the model.

If we go back, we can find the model we just created. We can also find it inside the personal category.

How to Create a Custom Template in Microsoft Publisher - Very Easy

Custom templates with preset layouts

In addition to the designs offered by the tool, there is an additional catalog with online templates. You must be connected to the internet to view these models.

To create a publication with a predefined template, click file and then click new.

In the gallery of templates that will appear, we will have to select a type of publication (business cards, thank you cards, among others).

You can scroll through the different types of layouts with the left and right arrows. When we have decided we must click on the template and then create.

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