How to create a DMG disk image on my Mac - Quick and easy

For the benefit of all, through the systems that computers operate, it is possible to create this type of tools. But in addition, there are third party programs that help facilitate this process.

When it comes to Mac computers, they also have a quality that allows them to create this type of disk image in DMG format. So that your users can take advantage of its functions.

That is why in the following article we will talk a little about how you can use a CD to generate a removable storage device and ways to create it via a Mac.

With what software can you create a DMG disk image to archive files?

The operating system designed by the Apple company is currently in great demand, due to its high level of security and usefulness when performing certain types of tasks.

How to create a DMG disk image on my Mac - Quick and easy

As mentioned above, there is the possibility of using any disc that is devoid of information and turn it into a storage medium, which will work in the same way as a pendrive: removable and with absolute manipulation of its files.

But to achieve this, it must first be designed inside a computer, a fairly simple task inside a Mac, as it has “Utility Disc”. This program is the one that will allow you to create the DMG disk image.

Steps to create a disc image from a CD

Il program “Utility Disk” allows you to create a varied classification of disk images, based on the possible needs that the user faces during use.

Among them, there is the possibility of inserting a CD into the computer and use its storage space as a memory base for the DMG disk image.

This way the removable disk will be configured the way you want it, and it will in turn use the disk memory in its entirety to save the files.

Start configuring the disk image

Once the CD is inserted into your computer, you can begin the process of creating the image file. To do this, look in the “Disk Utility” program library, or remember that you can use "Finder" to find it quickly.

How to create a DMG disk image on my Mac - Quick and easy

When you open the program, the sidebar of the main screen will allow you to choose between the disks currently connected to your computer. Select the one you will use.

At the top is the toolbar, which has a "File" tab that you have to click to choose "New Image" and " Image from X ".

This “X” refers to the CD that has been inserted into the computer and previously selected for conversion to a DMG disk image.

Set the details for the disk in question

Primarily, you choose a filename for the image you are going to create. This will be visible every time the CD is inserted into a computer.

Mac computers have a feature when making these kinds of creations, since generate a backup inside the computer. According to which they will open the file folder every time it needs to be used. Therefore, the second detail tries to establish the address, where this backup will be saved within the PC system.

Within the "Format" section comes the essential aspect within this creation. As that is where it is stated that you want to create a DMG disk image. Making it is very simple, just drop the menu and select the desired extension.

Finally, and only if necessary, you also have the option to encrypt the disk to give it greater security. You will finish by pressing the Save button and selecting "OK". Creating a DMG disk image on Mac has never been easier! You can have a new archiving tool completely at your disposal.

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