How to create a fleet on Twitter quickly and easily

How to create a fleet on Twitter quickly and easily

Le Snapchat Stories have progressively permeated the rest of the social networks and this time it was the turn of Twitter, which renamed them «Fleets» and they were already available since the last update of the official application. So at this point I'm sure you are interested in knowing how to create a fleet on Twitter because then in The Green Android you will learn how to do it in the simplest way possible.

What are Twitter fleets and what are they for?

The Twitter Fleets is the name that the social network has been commissioned to give to its "copy" of Instagram or Snapchat stories.

This feature allows you to publish temporary content as a carousel which is located at the top of the application

How to Create a Twitter Fleet Step by Step 2022

Publish a fleet it's very simple, all we have to do to create one is go to the top of the mobile application and click on "New" (if this is your first time posting one) or on «Add».

In this screenshot we will see some demos of Fleet courtesy of Twitter, in this way we will have an idea of ​​what we can do with this new tool. Once we feel ready for send fleets, we will press "New".

On the next screen we have to accept the different permissions so that the application can access the camera, gallery and storage space of our device.

We can, for example, choose an image from our photo gallery.

How to Post a Fleet on Twitter 2022

And also add text, emoticons and some effects. Once everything is to our liking, we just have to click on "Fleet" to proceed with its publication.

How to share a tweet through fleet fast and easy 2022

Likewise we can too create a fleet from a Tweet for this we will only have to click on the share icon of the publication in which we want to use this new mode.

In this screen we can edit our publication with text or emoji. Once ready, click on "Fleet" at the top of the screen.

And voila, in this simple way we can upload fleets to twitter step by step, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. I also remind you that you can support this portal by sharing content through your social networks. Thank you so much for everything!

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