How to create a free professional website with the Wix blog

You have very varied options for creating a simple site, with a digital portfolio or even a sales page. The options are endless. Wix offers a wide variety of tools for both experienced users and those about to create their first website.

So be careful, as below we will explain in detail how to create a free professional website with Wix.

How to create a free professional website with the Wix blog

Create a free and professional website

The first thing you should do is register with Wix, this step is obviously too simple. Once you have entered the official website, all you have to do is register and fill out the form with your personal data. Then you will have to click on » Create a new website «.

The good thing about Wix is ​​that it has a wide variety of designs for all kinds of themes. It doesn't matter if you are creating a personal site, a sales site, a site to showcase your services, etc., as you can also edit your own website created in Wix.

After that you will be able to choose if you want to use the Editor Wix, it has a wide variety of customization options and we recommend that you learn how to use it as you can leave your web page very different from how the original design is highlighted above the others.

In case you choose the Wix editor, then it's time to choose a model. They are divided into several categories. So the ideal is that you look for one that's in the category that best fits your website theme.

How to create a free professional website

Once you have chosen the model, you just have to customize it. You can do this by clicking on the top left margin. Here you can choose what you want to change and add to your new website. In this step you have a lot of things to edit.

So we recommend that you take your time to go through each option you want to change or anything you want to add in detail.

In the second icon you can choose the page background. In short it is the bottom of it. You have a wide variety of options in this case.

The third icon is to add everything that would be social media icons, various buttons, etc. The options are many, so you should look at them carefully.

The fourth icon concerns the Wix applications. You should keep in mind that many of these are considerably useful such as trading modules or tools. However, some are free and some are paid.

Then we find media upload, which consists in uploading some multimedia files that you think are suitable for the site. Likewise, Wix offers you a great variety of them.How to create a free professional website with the Wix blog

How to create a free mobile website

The mobile device icon is just for you to be able to change the mobile version in question. You can find this icon at the top.

It is essential for SEO ranking reasons that the mobile version of your website works at its best and has an extremely attractive design. We advise you to pay close attention in this section since today the percentage of people browsing through their smartphones is quite high.

Publish your website in a free and professional way

Once you're done editing all that's left to do is to click on the zoom icon at the top of the page and you will be able to see the whole website.

You can organize all the elements and place them in the area you want so that in this way your page is as you really imagined it. After that, all you have to do is click on " Public »Located in the upper right part of the screen and that's it.

Your website is already accessible in all parts of the world. In " Control Panel »You can find a large number of options that could be very useful.

We advise you to carefully read these options since among them you have the possibility to add domains in case you want and want to give more professionalism to your site, you can also do SEO in Wix so that you can have a good ranking in Google. In turn, you will be able to reply to messages, manage the members of your page, use different marketing tools to get a web positioning, etc.

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