How to Create a Free Weebly Website or Blog - Step by Step

Register e acquiring an account is simple and within the reach of anyone, as well as creating a blog or a web space is very easy, practical and automated.

Getting visits to your website or blog is very important for owners, that's why making your page as comfortable as possible for internet users is very important, that's why many use pages that allow you to measure page load time.

Create the website with Weebly

To get started, you need to enter the platform's official website, which can be reached using the search engine in your favorite browser.

Being inside the web, in the central part of it, two options will be positioned, which in this case will adapt to what we are looking for is called " Website «, And you have to press.

In this way a window will appear for the registration of the new user, in it you will have to enter your name, email and password.

Or, log in via Google or Facebook. If you choose to create an account by filling in the fields, you will continue by clicking on » Create your web page «.

As a result, the platform will take some time to generate and configure the account, then the message " Creating your site «.

Next, the next step is to select a predefined template, divided into several categories for the user to explore.

How to Create a Free Weebly Website or Blog - Step by Step


When you click on any option, a preview will be generated, if that's the one you want to choose, continue by clicking the button above » Start editing «.

The domain

After starting the edition, the platform will launch a window to determine which type of domain you want to apply on the web.

Among the ways is to establish your own domain, as well as opting for a subdomain Weebly, which is free choice.

Therefore, for the purposes of this guide, the address we want (which will be followed by " «) Is written in the last option to see if it is available.

Website customization

The customization of the website just created with Weebly it will depend on each user and how they will be used.

But this is a very important step and must be paid close attention. Well, there are many tools and possibilities on this platform.

However, Weebly itself has a very handy tutorial where they show how some of the regular changes are made.

Among the changes to be made, you can start by determining the website title and, as we're using a default template, it already includes some text boxes.

The one with the title will be placed in the center of the site and, to change it, all you have to do is click on it and type the new one.

How to Create a Free Weebly Website or Blog - Step by Step


With the box checked, a small top panel will also appear with the others options to customize, such as color and size.

Likewise, on the left side of the screen will be placed the menu or general panel, where all the other options to choose from are located.

Among which it is possible add a new text box, modify the structure of the elements within the page, and also insert other types of files.

An example of the latter is media, which includes both video and images. You can also add an address with a miniature map.

At the top, however, there will be a different panel with options regarding pages, templates, store, settings and much more.

In short, creating a website with Weebly has no loss, since the possibilities are immense. So the user and his creativity set the limits.

The Weebly page not only allows you to create a web page, but you also have the option to create an electronic portfolio. In addition to Weebly you can find other platforms that also deal with editing and creating web pages such as WIX.


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