How to Create a Monthly Calendar Generator in Microsoft Excel - Very Easy

How to create a monthly calendar generator in Microsoft Excel?

You can create a calendar from scratch from Excel, but it can take a long time. This and the The reason why Excel has predefined calendar templates available. There is a lot of variety, you can use annual calendar templates (12 months), monthly calendars, daily calendars and even notes.

Create a monthly calendar from scratch

If what you want is to create your calendar from scratch, you need to follow the steps below.

How to Create a Monthly Calendar Generator in Microsoft Excel - Very Easy

  • Put the current year in the first cell. To do this, enter the formula = TODAY (). Next to the year, enter the month name in another cell with the formula = TODAY () and change the date format you want to display.
  • Add the days of the week on the next line. Use one cell per day. Keep the cell width the same for each day.
  • Select the whole worksheet, use the key combination Ctrl + E and change the fill color of the sheet. Do this with the Fill Color tool on the Home ribbon.
  • Now change the edges of the boxes. You can select two cells (Example B3 and B4) and change the border to the desired color. Repeat this action 6 times for each Column and under each day of the week.
  • Once you have the initial graph, you need to copy it 12 times for each month of the year.
  • Put the dates of the year on the calendar. Manually enter the first two dates on the corresponding day based on the month. Now use the autofill feature, select the two cells and drag the selection to the rest of the days of the week. Repeat this technique for the rest to fill in the rest of the months.
  • Leave a blank line to enter annotations. The available row is used for making annotations throughout the entire month.
  • Change the appearance of the calendar.   Now you need to model the calendar, change the font and colors. You can adjust the cells and even merge the cells to make the final result look more professional.

For more advanced users, è possible insert a default calendar into Excel from the Visual Basic CalendarMaker tool. Microsoft also offers sample code to implement it. The result is a macro that creates your calendar so that you can implement it from scratch.

Download a calendar template

How to Create a Monthly Calendar Generator in Microsoft Excel - Very Easy

In newer versions of Microsoft Excel the Startup window shows a group of file formats with preview where you can choose which one you want. In the upper right part of the screen, the Calendars option, click on it.

They are displayed new calendar options and all models are available that you can download. From social media calendars, to a perpetual calendar of the Chinese zodiac sign.

Once you select one, it is downloaded from the Microsoft Online platform, they are quite light files and in less than a second you will have the file available to edit it as you wish.

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