How to create a Paypal donation button on my YouTube channel

Non-profit organizations, in particular, have found within their platform a great way to reach many more people who can support them in a monetary way. Thanks to its wide reception, there are many plugins and virtual tools that we can adapt to collect different donations. This is what we mean by the donation button that Paypal allows you to have on the web pages.

How to create a Paypal donation button on my YouTube channel

What is this button for?

This button became one tool not only of decoration, but also of help for those who wish to leave a speck of area to a particular organization. This button can be placed anywhere of the website. What is usually recommended is that it be in a space that is easy to access and which, in turn, is in view of all.

Regardless of whether it's in the sidebar, footer, or front of the home page, this is a button that fits the space provided.

This button can also be an option that will be shown repeatedly or statically within the blog, everything will depend on the preferences you decide to configure for it.

When visitors enter the site, once users click, they are redirected to a special page, managed by the system of Paypal, so that all donation and its address are clear and precise for visitors.

The options presented by this donation button are:

  • Il donation button it's completely free. Anyone with a PayPal account can enter it on their web page or profile, without any kind of overhead.
  • The only Commission that will be applied will be 2,9% + $ 0,30 for transactions made.
  • There is no monthly fee within its use, therefore, those taxpayers who donate, will not have to pay a supplement.

How to create a Paypal donation button on my YouTube channel

Methods accepted for donation button

To access the creation of button paypal donations it is important to know its two most accepted methods. The first option concerns the official PayPal site, where you can log in and grab some of the buttons you can find there, already pre-built.

After taking this button, it will automatically connect to your PayPal account and with it, this button will be attached to any place you find it.

Unlike the first method, the second is a tool, aimed at button creation. All this action is done, thanks to the plugins you can insert in WordPress. This gives you the ability to add it and create it however you like. However, both of these methods work excellently.

Likewise, within the same platform, you will be able to log in to change the way people make such donations. You can get to configure the frequencies and amounts of donuts, as well as giving users the ability to become a common donation site.

This donation tool has revolutionized the world, however, already many people also use it to receive payments for various services or even as help for their own projects. You just have to fix an idea and translate it into these web spaces, so you can see how it all becomes reality.

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