How to create a photo album or a Power Point presentation

Although normally, the presentations that are made contain outlined text or concept maps. You can also make animations of both text and computer images. It is ideal for showing standard slides and you just have to create them, your personal computer and the installed program.

In the following article we will explain you with simple steps how to make an album or a photographic presentation in Power Point. Where you can use the photos you took during your last vacation, at a family event or at the office party. That you can show it to your family and friends and they will surely think that this Power Point photo montage was made by a professional.

How to create a photo album or a Power Point presentation

As we have always told you in our articles, there is nothing difficult, you just don't follow the steps we give you carefully. Note that it is very easy to do and therefore you can how to create an album or a slideshow of photos in Power Point. You need to do the following, first log into the program and choose a new slide.

How to create a photo album or a Power Point presentation

When we have it ready, we will go to the top menu and choose the Insert Power Point images tab, then we will select the tool we will use for our work, Photo Album. This action will allow the opening of a dialog box, with it we can search for all those photos we need to create our photo album.

When you have them all selected, you can use the preview option for view pictures and even if you wish you can change the order. Or you can also delete a photo and select another one, it all depends on your criteria. If you look closely, in this window you can find options for retouching images.

When you are done, you create a clip in the creation option, these images will be placed on the left side and you can view them. It will also create a first slide for you with the name Album of photo , you can delete it. You do this by selecting the photo, then the clip on the right and selecting the Delete option.

Using tools to create a photo album

Now you will have only the Photo, the next step will be to cut the first photo twice to see the photo editing options. Now let's select the option to insert a frame and adapt it to the size of the slide.

Now we will place an initial text, for this we create a clip in the Insert tab and then in the Text Box option. And this text can be placed where you like best in the photo, at the top you will find options to change the font, size, style, color, etc.

Make the most of these tools to get the best result. If a photo doesn't cover the entire slide, you can fill in this empty space.

You can do this by selecting the photo, then select the Design tab and use the background that best suits your image. The next step is to create the animations, for this we go to the Animations tab. Here we can see the variety of animations we can choose, we make the choice, then we select the Apply to all option.

Further to the right we will find the option When Mouse Click and remove the selection. In the Automatically Later option lo we select and set the time in 5 seconds.

And now to finish, we will insert a music, we will do it by going to the Insert tab, then to Sound and now we choose the music of our preference on our PC.

How to create a photo album or a Power Point presentation

When you do that, a window will pop up and we will select the Automatically option, now let's do a double clip on the slide and it will show us the music options. And here we can choose the setting we want. And in this way we have taught you how to make an album or a PowerPoint photo slideshow.

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