How to create a photo collage in Instagram stories from iPhone or Android

How to make a photo collage on Instagram Stories?

It is becoming easier and easier to use ours social networks e , although they undoubtedly have more options and functions than before, they are not at all complicated to understand. For example, with Instagram we can say that it has gone from being a simple social network to being one of the most complete apps today, with more features than we can remember.

In fact, some time ago we needed to resort to several third-party apps to execute options that we can now do from Instagram itself. And that's exactly what happens with the for option create a photo collage from the Stories section of Instagram.

How to create a photo collage in Instagram stories from iPhone or Android

But how can this wonderful option be used? Well, here are the steps you need to follow for make photo collages on instagram, so you can put multiple photos in the same Instagram story.

Steps to create photo collages on Instagram Stories

Instagram is characterized by being very simple to use, because anyone, regardless of their knowledge of technology, can use it without major problems. In the case of Stories of this app we can find many useful options, and the steps to create collages and combine multiple photos in one layout on Instagram within these are:

  • First of all, go to the “Stories” section within the app.
  • Once there, you will see several options on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose from among them “Design” o “Layout” in case you have an iPhone.
  • Above the capture button you will see several options, where you can choose how many photos you want in the collage.
  • There, select the one you prefer.
  • Once this is done, you will see how the camera focuses on one of the collage windows.
  • As you take photos, you will move on to the next one in the collage.
  • You can also add photos that you have in your gallery from a button available on the screen.
  • When you feel that you have finished the collage, you can press the Accept button.

That's all! When you have followed all the steps to the letter, you can see the collage as a single image on the next screen, where you can edit the story by adding stickers, text, hashtags, among other details.

How to create a photo collage in Instagram stories from iPhone or Android

Obviously, in addition to the save button, there is also a button delete so you can delete the photos that do not convince you of the collage. Aside from that, if you've tried to follow all these steps, but for some reason you can't, no problem, since it's totally possible to create photo collages online if you feel you need to, or you can also download an app to help you do that. .

There are many other relatively new features within the Stories section of Instagram, such as the new Reels, which are a great alternative to everything we can do with TikTok. Also, we can explore new filters within an ever wider repertoire.

We can certainly say that thanks to the latest updates, it is becoming easier to have more visits on Instagram Stories. We hope this guide will be of great use to you and that you get the most out of Instagram Stories.

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