How to create a photo collage with Photoshop CC for free and fast

Adobe Photoshop works as a photo editor, useful for anyone, you don't have to be a professional to use it, it is comfortable and practical to edit or retouch photos or graphics. It is famous all over the world, has been on the market since 1990, with constant updates and new features. Also note that it is possible to create a photo collage with Photoshop CC.

Read the following information so you can learn about the tools to create collages in a way quick and easy. You can put filters on your photos, crop them and even add stickers from the same App. Also remember that with Photoshop you can restore a faded or old photo and even add it to your collage.

The works done with Photoshop are fantastic, all the functions it contains are very useful and you can always export the image in the quality you want without any problem. It doesn't matter if you have low resolution devices, it's a great editor also for selfies and of course for making collages.

How to create a photo collage with Photoshop CC for free and fast

How to create a photo collage with Photoshop CC for free and fast

Before we begin it is important that you know how to rotate or flip your photos in Photoshop, as you will most likely need to know this information to facilitate the process when creating your collage, let's continue:

  1. Let's open Photoshop and click on New File. Choose the sizes and resolutions you want with the same template and also select a white, black or transparent background content.
  2. Then a let's divide the document in as many spaces as we want to place the images. Click on View, then on New composition guide and choose according to your tastes.
  3. Insert the image, whatever you want from your device. Click on the image and press the Ctrl + A keys to select. Then Ctrl + C to copy the image.
  4. We cut pieces of the image. Use the "Lasso" tool for more complicated cuts than a rectangle and, if in doubt, find out here how to use Photoshop's magnetic lasso tool correctly.
  5. Editing images. We select the Photoshop image by clicking on the Ctrl + T keys to access the "Transformation" mode. And so you can resize the image. We can also press the Shift key so that it is not distorted. Rotate the image and place it in the desired position, when finished press Enter.
  6. Place the images on top of each other. For this go to the top of the "Layers" panel. We click and then drag the layers in the directions we want to change the order. Make sure the background layer is the last one so that all other images are fully visible.
  7. Save the file. We save the changes by clicking on File, then on Save and select the file format that suits us best, "PDF" or "JPEG".

Tips for improvement when making a photo collage with Photoshop CC

Using the tutorial above you will be able to create a photo collage very easily. In any case, there are some tips you should keep in mind to improve your experience when using the Photoshop application, these are some of the points you should consider when using the program:

Cancel / Fit to Screen

Remember that if you make a mistake press Ctrl + Alt + Z to undo it, we can also click Edit followed by the option Cancel. On the other hand, to fit the document to the screen we press Ctrl + 0.

Change the photo format

Photoshop only accepts certain file types, but that's not a problem as we can change the image format with specialized tools to allow us to modify them.

Personalize your collage

Don't forget that you can also add text, color, borders, texture and patterns to make it more captivating. For this we select the designs and rearrange the photos to our liking and preference.

This whole procedure can be done for free and quickly, which helps us improve the editions of our collages.

How to create a photo collage with Photoshop CC for free and fast

Photoshop is the tool of the photographer and graphic designer

The advantages that we can obtain using the Photoshop application in the world of photography are very wide. Using it we can recover old photos, improve the composition, adjust the details and thus obtain perfect photos, no doubt you can make a professional photo montage in Photoshop and other very complex actions.

It is an application widely used by graphic designers, website builders and artists who efficiently manage this "Photo Workshop", with practice you can realize great creations and montages. Use Photoshop right away and edit photos and collages.

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