How to create a scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint - Very easily

Photography has been a way for us to capture the moments we love. For some people it is a way of expressing themselves and therefore of making their way of seeing things known.

Throughout history, the photography has evolved, going from being in rolls that then had to be revealed to being available with a simple touch of our fingers. Today this has been taken a step further, thanks to graphic editing.

Currently there are many programs that help us edit our photos, it is possible that we can be a little confused in choosing which one to use. We must be very careful and know how to choose among those that best suit our needs.

How to create the scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint?

How to create a scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint - Very easily

Among the best programs currently available we find Corel Photo Paint, developed by the Corel company. This is one of the best graphics editing tools, it is also positioned among those with the best responsiveness.

With the Corel Photo Paint program we can run dal simple image retouching how to color black and white images, up to advanced editing tasks how to work with layers in a document, correct images with the effects tool. If you have a deep understanding of the functions and everything we can do with this program, we will be able to do professional work.

Corel Photo Paint presents an interface of easy understanding, which we can modify to our liking if we wish. Likewise, it is one fast and powerful tool which, together with its great performance, makes it one of the best positioned programs on the market.

Among the most relevant functions that we can perform, we find the font and color treatment, Besides filters and coloring tools. One of the most amazing features is the image retouching, with this we can create amazing effects by transforming the look of the image.

It is compatible with other programs such as Photoshop. In this way, it is very important to know how to properly manage this program and make good use of it. Therefore in this article we will learn how to create the scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint.

Steps to create the scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint

How to create a scatter effect using Corel Photo Paint - Very easily

The first thing to do is open the Corel Photo Paint program. Before starting, you must have created your smudge brushes. What should be done is create a uniform background below our picture.

Normally, it works in layers. It is recommended to duplicate the layer of our image in case of an error. Now we will hide one of the layers and to the visible one we will apply the liquid blur effect.

For this, we select the liquid blur tool located on the left of the screen, we can also adjust the diameter of the brush to our measurement, otherwise we leave everything the same.

Now let's go to one side of the image and, leaving the left button pressed, let's drag the image out. We do this in all the parts to which we want to apply the effect, so we go to the layer and by right clicking we apply a mask to hide everything.

Hidden cloak

Let's apply one mask al level that we have hidden to show everything, and we'll start and work on it. Now let's select the tool brush, which is on the left, and we also select one of the smudge brushes we have generated.

Let's go to the side of the image where we apply the previous effect and let's start clicking on it, with this we will delete part of the image. It is important to point out that we must have black as the foreground.

Next, let's go to the level where we create the first effect and we select it by clicking on it, and for this we choose the white color as the foreground. So let's select the brush tool and the smudge brush we like best.

Now, we're going to start clicking along the image, this action what it gets is making all those parts visible that we blurred in the beginning. We can change the size of our brush to find the effect we want.

Ready so we can see how the dispersion effect is created and finally let's save the our image.

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