How to create a system recovery and repair disc in Windows 10?

How to create a system recovery and repair disc in Windows 10?

There are errors affecting the productivity of the work operating Windows 10. As a result, productivity decreases and prevents normal use of the equipment. In such circumstances, an alternative should be used that facilitates system recovery.

Next, we present all the information you should know about system recovery and recovery discs and the method to create a recovery disc in order to correct any errors which prevents Windows 10 from starting normally.

Before starting, you may need to activate the Windows WinRe recovery environment. Without further ado let's continue with this guide.

How to create a system recovery and repair disc in Windows 10?

What is a Repair and Recovery Disc?

A repair and recovery disc is an external drive that contains a copy of the operating system and drivers installed on a computer. This disc allows you to restore your computer to its previous state during system repair or recovery.

In this regard, Windows 10 offers a repair and recovery tool that can be stored on a USB device; this is called "Recovery Unit". Also, you can use a CD or DVD drive and it is known as a “System Repair Disc”.

What is the repair and recovery disc for?

The repair and recovery disc is used to repair errors and reinstall the system from a generic version that will not depend on any associated user or account, thus avoiding downloading and installing Windows 10 from scratch. With a repair disc and restore , you can perform a computer reset or create a backup.

Create the Windows 10 operating system recovery and recovery disc

Before creating the rescue disk, you should get a USB memory with at least 16 GB of space. The process is similar to creating a bootable USB with Rufus and we also recommend backing up your data to the Pendrive before starting.

This storage device will be used to create the disk of Windows 10 system recovery and recovery.

How to create a system recovery and repair disc in Windows 10?

First steps

Initially, you need to go to the start menu and type in the Windows key of the keyboard "Recovery disk". You will see two options to select “Create a recovery drive”. Subsequently, a window will open in which it is necessary to grant administrator permissions in order to use the application.

As a result, you can follow the procedure from a dynamic interface. There, you have to choose the type of unit. You need to select the option "Make a backup copy of system files" and click the "Next" button.

Use the USB memory

The interface will ask you to connect a USB memory and at the same time it will notify you that it must have at least 16 GB of available space. The data that the device contains at that moment will be deleted so it is necessary to take precautions before using the Pendrive which will store a copy of the system.

Delete the data from the USB memory

As soon as you plug in the USB memory, the interface will notify you that it will perform a data wipe to overwrite the recovery disk. Then, you need to press the button "Create" to confirm and start the disc creation process.

Process to create a system repair disc in Windows 10

Once the repair and recovery disc creation process has started, you need to wait a few minutes until the interface indicates that the disk was created successfully. After that, the problems that led to this recovery method should be resolved.

The above process is specific to the storage drive containing the operating system, but it is also possible to repair a damaged external hard drive and recover the information.

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