How to create an account and fundraising campaign on GoFundMe How does it work?

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a page that offers a service to raise funds through a campaign that you create yourself and share on social networks. It's not like throwing fundraising parties at HouseParty, it is easier with GoFundMe.

Through these campaigns that are created on the GoFundMe page, it is possible to raise funds or donations for any situation where we need extra help in terms of money, and it's totally free.

How to create an account and fundraising campaign on GoFundMe How does it work?

The money raised in the campaigns generated on this page is not always for the creators themselves. Many show their kindness helping other people and even asking for help for animals, in this way.

Thousands of people use your campaigns to raise money for themselves or others. So far the most common use that has been given to this page has been that of raise money for health issues.

However, other people have given him different purposes, such as buying material things like clothes, accessories, phones, cars, among others. Also to finance parties, travel, tattoos, cosmetic operations, weddings, among thousands of others. Being a free and public page, you have no restrictions on who is asking for help or what you are asking for.

How does GoFundMe work?

The mode of this fundraising and donation page is very simple, which is why it is currently la most used in the world for this purpose. Being a public page, it allows the visibility of its thousands of campaigns to anyone who wants to make a donation, or, failing that, wants to create a campaign to get donations.

Once the campaigns are created, they are usually spread over the internet for get more benefactors, for example advertising on Facebook.

The money raised comes directly to you through transfers to your savings or current account, you can also withdraw it by check directly from the bank. Only the transfer fee is charged, which is a minimum percentage, not exceeding 3% of the amount collected.

Another option offered by the GoFundMe page to withdraw money is to associate your bank account at the time of the campaign creation and set up the collection of the collected money so that it reaches you quickly, as in some time is limited in emergencies.

How to create an account and fundraising campaign on GoFundMe How does it work?

Steps to create a GoFundMe fundraising account and campaign

GoFundMe is completely safe, it takes care of the money collected from all campaigns. This means that they are responsible for a rather ostentatious amount of money. For this reason, it is essential that they verify all types of information to be safe and avoid scams or similar situations.

To create a campaign on this page and to receive donations or funds from people who want to help, you must mainly establish the amount of money you want to raise, it is important that you are very aware when entering an amount, although this can be changed later.

Afterwards, you have to enter a name, it depends on what the use of your donations will be. Then indicate what or who you are raising funds for. Place your campaign within a category, this will help benefactors to know more precisely the reason for your campaign.

Choose your zip code and indicate if you are creating this campaign alone or in a team. After that, you have to accept the terms and conditions on privacy To upload a photo or video featuring your campaign motive (s), you must have written some open information about who you are and why or what you are fundraising for.

Once the campaign is created, you need to complete a series of personal data that has been associated with the payment of donations collected. This information is extensive due to the delicacy of the subject.

To get donations and funds for your campaign, you need to spread it, advertising it for free on social media, so that it is more viral and more people can help.

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