How to create an account in VK - Quick and easy

As we mentioned before, it is a social network that can be used both from its website and from its applications for the iOS and Android mobile versions. It can be downloaded respectively from the official Apple Store and the Play Store completely free of charge.

Vkontakte looks very similar on Facebook, in fact it is branded as Russian Facebook. Not only for its colors and design, but also for the functions available (for example you can link a VK account to Free Fire).

What can I do with Vkontakte

As for its functions, with VK you can share publications or share and send images from a page, just like you would with Facebook. can share different content, be it images or files.

How to create an account in VK - Quick and easy

It has several categories, such as friends, communities, a section of private messages, photos, videos, music and games.

What stands out the most is that, unlike other apps, you can not only share your photos and videos, but with it you can share third party music and videos (the process is similar to letting you share and post complete songs or music on Facebook).

With this we can say that it is a merger of Facebook, Spotify and Netflix, as its main goal is to openly share files and videos, leaving adding friends on your profile in the background.

Vkontakte is a social network characterized by its simple and intuitive interface, as its designer has opted for a simple and easy to use design, without adding too many complex functions.

VK is very popular in European countries, Although it currently has users all over the world and the number of people creating a profile is constantly increasing, we believe it is due to the simplicity of its use.

How to create an account in VK fast and easy

You can create an account on VK using your email, your phone number, the your Google or Facebook account. Access the platform from the website or mobile application.

Click the green Connect to VK button. In the new interface select one of the options to log in. Therefore the following fields must be completed:

  • Your name
  • Last name
  • Gender

When you have completed them with your details, click Continue. You need to add a phone number. Remember to add the area code without the 0 (zero) and the mobile number without the 15 (fifteen).

How to create an account in VK - Quick and easy

Then you will receive a call to validate your account. Click on reCAPTCHA and press confine.

Complete the fields and write the last four numbers of your row. When finished, click Sign to continue. The next thing will be to create a password to access your profile. Click Continue.

You have already registered successfully. You just have to finish entering some additional data, such as country / region and city. You can do it at the moment or specify it later.

Click Continue again. This way you will already have created your account in VK. You will only have to complete some information on your profile and add a photo so that other users can recognize you.

As you see it is very easy to create an account in VK or Vkontakte. If you have any questions about this tutorial, you can leave them in the comments so we can help.

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