How to create an e-wallet on Weebly - Step by step

This page allows users to independently design a custom website, with multiple applications, including the ability to add images of their products, reviews of the type of business they do, create and import a custom template into Weebly, and many more.

The online platform is designed in a simple way, so that people who do not have a great knowledge of the digital medium can create their own site without any difficulty. It is important to remember that Weebly is free or paid according to the time available to the website and offers various alternatives ranging from beginners to professionals in the sector.

How to create an electronic portfolio on Weebly?

How to create an e-wallet on Weebly - Step by step

In this article we will show you in a practical way the steps you need to follow to design your e-portfolio.

It is important to note that Weebly  does not require exclusive download of any type of software, to access it simply enter the page and register. Likewise, an electronic form that includes your full name and personal email needs to be filled, in addition to this you can relate your social networks like Facebook and Google.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the page submits an item on the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. Pressing the option "Yes I accept" the page redirects you to where the models are located, there you can choose from various areas such as business, personal use, event, shop, blog and portfolio.

And each area also has a descriptive part to make sure it's the one that best suits your needs.

Determines whether Weebly will be paid or free

When choosing the option electronic wallet, a pop-up window will appear telling us we must select a subdomain domain, create a new domain or use one of our own.
In this case, depending on the option chosen, it will determine whether the use of the platform will continue to be free or if it will start requesting a payment.

This means that if we select a existing domain and we use it as a subdomain, its use will be free. If we decide to establish a new domain we will have to pay a sum that does not exceed seven euros. So it is quite accessible for most users.

Free version on Weebly to create an electronic portfolio

How to create an e-wallet on Weebly - Step by step

So, if you have chosen the free version, will start website design or modification. We will be shown a page with all the tools needed to edit our portfolio. With options to add photo editions or similar.

You can choose the title of the event or product, the place where you want the image to be and also a review. If you look up, just below the toolbar you will find a panel that has options among which the metric options stand out, the ability to add dates based on the calendar.

The first thing you should do is choose the title that best suits what you sell or advertise. And later its position on the page. Weebly also allows you to make changes to the map, to select the location of the product or business.

You can add suggestive images and decide where you want them to be. Choose the font color and letter design you want to use for the site, among many other tools that you will discover as you manage the online platform.

If necessary, you can link related YouTube videos, images, HD quality videos, clips with descriptive material, among many others.

There is also an option called contact form where Weebly has several options for people to contact you. The email you added in the initial section is added by default; you can also include phone numbers and addresses among others.

As you will notice With these simple steps you will find a good alternative to advertise the your product or business.

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