How to create an email account in Nokia for free? - Quick and easy

For this reason, many people have been looking for a way to create a Nokia account for free, to take advantage of its advantages and great possibilities, find out more here.

How to create an email account in Nokia for free? - Quick and easy

Start by entering the mobile shop

This is one of the first steps you need to take into consideration in order to carry out this task, since you have to access the main menu of your Nokia Lumia and then proceed to scroll to the right section, where you will see a string describing various services and applications , at this point try to go down to the option "Store" and click on it.

Proceed by searching for the application

At this point, you should perform similar steps as if you were going to download an application. For this activity, you need to start by inserting the magnifying glass icon and write the name of any mobile application you want to download within the store.

It is important that you think of an option that will be useful to you and once it is ready, you just have to request that it be downloaded to your device.

How to create an email account in Nokia for free? - Quick and easy

It starts with creating a new account

When you have already started to download the application, to go on, the device will ask for a Microsoft account, because Nokia accounts no longer exist, here you have to click on the button » Log in »And a new process will be started with it.

A new screen will appear in which and since you do not have an account to log in, you have to click on the button » Create one »And there you can start the registration.

Once the registration process has started, you will need to enter your username, which will be linked to your new email account and click » NEXT ". Next, you need to establish a password and alternate email address, which is importantly required for security reasons

Once you have entered all the data that are requested of you, you must enter all those data that will help the system to know you, such as your date of birth, age, sex and even a postcode, all these are data of interest for the company to be able to have a complete register of your users and teach them content and improvements that best suit their needs.

Once you have reached this point, the store will ask you if you want a backup to be created, which will safely save all your content and you can retrieve it at any time, as it is stored within the cloud.

At this point it is important that you accept the privacy policies and likewise all the conditions of use of the system and Skills.

Once you have completed the previous step, the account within the Nokia system will have been created, but above all you will also have a new Microsoft account, which you can use within various platforms and devices to manage your e-mail or, failing that, be able to access its services within the cloud.

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