How to create an Instagram account from my mobile with simple steps!

How to create an Instagram account from my mobile with simple steps!

Web users who regularly surf the Internet have found social networks to be an ideal place to communicate. Keep reading this post and find out how to create an instagram account from your mobile.

Through these networks, users share all kinds of content, tell the world what they think, treat their friends, family or even complete strangers, form communities and, ultimately, do something as simple as communicate, but through the screen of a mobile or desktop.

The amount of media available for socializing is overwhelming and will not stop growing. One of the networks that is gaining the most strength since its launch is Instagram. So, for those who want to start taking their first steps in the world of social cyber, this tutorial will show you how to create an Instagram account from a mobile for free. The content of this social network revolves around photos and videos.

This social network is designed as a platform for sharing photos and applying filters of all kinds to create artistic additions. Little by little Instagram is transforming itself, gaining more and more opportunities for communication between its users and introducing new features such as the ability to tell short stories that last several seconds and expire in 24 hours.

How to create an Instagram account from my mobile?

If you want to know how to register an Instagram account from a mobile or mobile phone, just follow the steps below, which are much easier than the ones you have to do when creating an account using your computer.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store

The first thing you need to do is install the app on your smartphone. To do this, if you are an iPhone user, you must enter the App Store and find the Instagram application to install it like any other. In case you use Android, the procedure is the same, only that to download and install it you must access Google Play ( Please note:: don't forget that you have enough free space in your memory).

  • Download Instagram for Android
  • Download Instagram for iOS
  • Download Instagram for Windows

Access the application and register your account

The next and final step is the same as with computers. Now that the application is installed on your mobile phone, you must log in and fill out the form that appears with the following information.

  1. Phone number or email address
  2. The full name
  3. A unique username
  4. Password

If you use your mobile number, you will receive an SMS with a code that you must enter to confirm your identity and thus prevent someone else from posing as you.

How to create an Instagram account from a computer?

Recently made into a Facebook associate program, its success supports it. Today Instagram already has more than 800 million users per month and 500 million users per day.

Although this is not the most widespread format, since the nature of Instagram is completely connected to the network with mobile terminals or, what the same, with smartphones, you can also open a new Instagram account from your PC. This method is very simple and only requires a few small steps, which we will explain to you shortly.

Go to the Instagram website from your favorite browser

There are no complications, you just need to open your favorite browser and enter the Instagram URL: in the address bar to go directly to the home page of this famous social network.

Fill out the form with your details

When you're already online, the next step is to specify the following information:

  • Your mobile number or email address
  • Your full name
  • The username you wish to have (this name must be unique or you will not be able to complete this process)
  • Password so that only you have access to this account

When you're done, click SUBSCRIBE and you're good to go. Furthermore, when you complete the registration procedure, you must confirm your account by clicking on the link provided by Instagram which will reach you via email, keep in mind that sometimes it is in your spam folder, so don't forget to check it.

Alternative ways to open an Instagram account

In addition to creating an Instagram account from a mobile or computer, there are other ways to do it too.

Through Facebook.

Another way to create an Instagram account from your smartphone is through Facebook. Anyone who has a registered account in this social network can use it for log in to Instagram without having to register a new email address, use the option Login via Facebook in the first step we specify and you will automatically create your account and you will get ready to enjoy the endless opportunities that this social network offers you.

faster access

You should know that Windows 10 and Mac OS users can still download the app so that the link is always available on the desktop. All you have to do is go to App Store (for Mac) or Windows Store (for Windows 10), enter the name Instagram and download the first app you see. The signup process is identical to the online signup process, but you don't need to use a browser.

FAQs about registering an Instagram account

When registering an account on Instagram, a series of questions often arise that are repeated among new and even old users. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

Can I open an Instagram account through Facebook?

Yes but no. In the help section for Facebook users there is the section dedicated to Instagram, because Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and contains all the information you need to register and access from your mobile or PC.

However, there is no option to allow you direct access from Facebook, instead you have to do it from the Instagram app or website.

Furthermore, the user can log in using his Facebook account. So when you want to enter Instagram for the first time, simply by entering Facebook in the pop-up that appears, you can enter directly and start using everything it offers you and become a real Instagram.

Can I open a professional Instagram account for business?

Yes you can. Any interested company has the option of creating a professional account on Instagram to advertise their services and products, as well as facilitating direct contact with the user and, of course, using all the tools that this social network makes available to you. layout.

On your Instagram profile, click the gear icon, then select Go to company profile and then select the Facebook page you want to connect to the Instagram business profile. Note that there is a special requirement regarding Facebook: the account you want to switch to a business profile on Instagram must first have an open Facebook page. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue and change your profile to a professional one.

Can I have more than one account on Instagram?

As of February 2016, not only can you open more than one account on Instagram via a terminal and an app, but you can also manage multiple accounts directly.

You can have up to 5 accounts on a single device. In the social network App, in the options section, there is a menu called Add account, where you can act as when you start the session to add it and be able to make publications and control your interaction with your Terminal.

When enabled, the user only needs to select a profile where they want to post something specific to interact normally.

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