How to create and configure a home guest network step by step

Therefore, it should be noted that this procedure can be implemented in almost any router as well as configured as a wireless modem. Also, with this option you can ensure that the main network is secure, as other devices will not be able to access it.

Steps to create and configure a guest network

It should also be noted that this procedure can also limit the bandwidth of the Wi network - Fi newly created host. Considering that it can only be applied on some routers, this way the devices will not work slowly.

How to create and configure a home guest network step by step

Likewise, when creating the Wi-Fi network for visitors, you can enter one short password or a name you can always keep in mind. Since few will have access to it and it may be easier to remember.

Below we will explain each of the steps that must be taken to create and configure the network and connect easily. In addition, the user must take into account that the routers are different depending on the model, for this reason the process can vary a little.

You can initially access the highlighted router by copying and pasting the following code into the address bar: "". Then you have to enter the personal data of the router such as the user and the respective password.

Later, depending on your router, you can find the settings option or section advanced wireless appears in some of them. Once you're in, you need to look for the option "Guest network", from this section you can create the network by adding the password you want.

The importance of having a network of guests

Remember to enter a simple password, it is recommended that you have the WEP encryption in so that it is easy to remember. Later, if a section with intranet blocking is displayed, it is preferable to have it marked. Therefore, guests will be able to access other devices connected to the network.

How to create and configure a home guest network step by step

So, having everything set up, you can activate guest Wi-Fi whenever friends or family come to your home. Otherwise, when there are no guests in the house, you can turn it off, which prevents anyone from trying to hack it.

Once created, the two main features can be taken into account in the guest settings. Which can be activated if you want to "allow customers to see each other", so users or family members can search and share information.

From the guest network it is possible to access a device that is connected to the local network, to do this, check the box "allow users to access the local network". Then you can implement the settings you deem necessary and press the "save" option.

With these simple steps you will be able to create and configure the guest network in this way you will avoid endangering the main network. What is the one you usually use and to which you have a variety of equipment connected at home. In short, the Wi-Fi network for guests is the best alternative when you have internet at home. This way you can always have the primary key safe.

Finally, we hope this information has been useful to you. However, we would like to hear from you. Were you able to create and configure a guest network by following these steps? Do you know of another way to set up a guest network? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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