How To Create Attractive Titles For Your Videos - Create Your Lower Third

Importance of the video title

Performing an internet search can be a challenge in trying to find the answer we need; In part, a video title can help users get what they really want, but how do you know if we don't help you with the title?

The results launched by the search engines for an answer are very many; but only one will end up grab attention of the person carrying out the search.

A well written and catchy title can make all the difference and therefore will effectively increase your website traffic; or you will get many hits and likes for your video, being ideal for YouTube .

The title should be considered for all types of videos, be it tutorial, informational, educational, Blogger, video marketing, etc. Fun trivia and music videos should also have catchy titles.

Something you should consider is that the title will directly affect the position of the results returned by the search engines; as you should know, the first page of results is the most desired. Hence the number of visits, likes, followers, etc., will largely depend on the title used.

How To Create Attractive Titles For Your Videos - Create Your Lower Third

Tips for creating captivating titles for your videos

Now that we understand the importance of creating eye-catching titles for your videos; We will give you the best advice so that you can achieve it without complications:

Don't forget the keyword

There are some words that are among those with the higher volume of searches ; this means that it is more likely to be attractive to users.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools designed to help you find the ideal keyword; many of these are free and very easy to use, although you can also find some for a fee.

What you need to remember is that keywords are grouped into market niches; This means it must be according to yours target audience, in order to reach the target market.

Title length

It is also important to keep the title length in mind, as a title that is too long is not attractive. In the case of YouTube, they are only allowed 60 characters in a title where the keyword must be included.

Remember that the title must be attractive and motivate to action ; You should avoid using first person titles like "me, us, mine", rather try to talk about "you, his or you".

Readability of the title

You shouldn't use words that are unattractive, or difficult to read or understand; You have to use easy language, modern, without falling into the grotesque or burlesque. In this area it is also important to take care of spelling and always consider which audience you are targeting; remember that in a video for children you would not use the same words as one aimed at adults.

How To Create Attractive Titles For Your Videos - Create Your Lower Third

Create your lower third

It is a short and small piece of information that you can include in the video to know what is going on and who is talking; for example, you can include your name. To create a lower third there are programs designed to achieve this; which include various styles you can use and are very easy to use.

You can also use the lower third to drop yours social network, website, blog, etc. It is also used to provide guidance to users when viewing a video tutorial. Dare to use it and you will see the excellent results you will get; no doubt you will be able to create attractive titles for your videos.

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