How to create blurry border images online totally free

That is why it has become increasingly important for everyone in the world to know how edit and customize an image or photo. Since this opens doors in both business and commercial terms, it is clear if their work is of quality.

Reason why the study of what are the margins or the diameter of the virtual images, insertion into editing programs, and also managing effects such as converting my photo into anime or cartoon, putting a white background on a photo from the mobile, cropping a photo or image into a circular shape and blurred edges, negatives and more. It should be an apprenticeship that should be practiced for as long as possible.

What types of effects are there to apply to images?

How to create blurry border images online totally free

The list of effects that can be applied to an image is overwhelming. Starting with the filters, which are a mixture, increase or decrease of light, saturation, focus e sharpness ; resulting in a significant change in the images.

Some effects we can see are the black and white, the classic that uses shades derived from green, the retro lighting, urbex which is characterized by showing greater brightness in photos, the gordon which makes the pictures look pretty old, and among many others.

Copyright protected images

Most of the images we download from the Internet are protected by copyright and this is a very important factor if we want to use advertising or marketing with these images, as if we use them without proper permission we could end up with a lawsuit.

Therefore, it is best to search the Internet copyright free images, for example there are some pages like pixabay, pexels or life of pix; where users upload completely free content and therefore it is not illegal to download and give them any use we require.

Are there online platforms with which to apply effects as in programs?

Yes I'm here different pages which have been developed as platforms with which you can run a variety of effects on images. Among which we can mention, fotor, phixr, pinetools,, facepixelizer, ezgif and among others.

The problem with these is that if you want to do professional work where a wide variety of effects and filters are needed to get what you have in mind, you'll stumble, in a clear metaphorical sense. And is that most of the pages are only suitable for simple changes.

How to create blurry border images online totally free?

To carry out this task, we will use a program called befunky. As soon as we enter this platform, we will be looking at the top of the interface for the option for create and when the menu appears we will click photo editor, then we will click carica and then on the Computer options, Dropbox will appear., Google Drive.

How to create blurry border images online totally free

After uploading the photo we want, we have to look for the option for in the vertical menu on the left change, then drag the box bar below where we can see the option blurred edges and configure the location.

To complete the image, we need to search through the small options that appear at the top of the interface and choose the one from save. We select it and choose if we want to save it on the computer or on a platform and that's it. We will have finished the job.

It is good to note that among other effects that we can apply to photographs, there is an application with which you can position the big mouth. Effects in images are tools that allow us to have impressive results with little work, which can impress a large number of people. And for this it is extremely important to know them.

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