How to create collaborative lists on YouTube music

YouTube Music and the music streaming platform launched by Google in 2018 in response to the success of Spotify and Apple Music.

Though its first appearance on Android TV disappointed, YouTube Music is receiving features very useful that attract the interest of users, such as collaborative list with family and friends.

This option, which didn't exist in YouTube Music's predecessor, Google Play Music, is ideal for create playlists with your group of friends, eg. Thus, everyone can add their favorite songs to make everyone happy when listening to music together.

If you want to take advantage of this great feature, we tell you what YouTube Music collaborative lists are and how you can create them to allow your friends to add songs.

How to create collaborative lists on YouTube music

Create collaborative YouTube Music lists with your friends

What are collaborative lists and what are they for?

Collaborative YouTube Music playlists are playlists music that you can share with other users, like your siblings or your best friends, so that each of them can add their own songs.

This way, you can create common playlists so that no one is dissatisfied when you listen to music together. At the moment, this integrated feature in August 2020 is available alone for Android devices, although Google is already planning to launch it for iOS.

It is one of the coolest features of YouTube's music streaming platform, which step by step is reaching greats like Spotify.

In order for other people to contribute their two cents to the list, you must first share the playlist link with them. Furthermore, the list must be created before starting, to then make it collaborative.

So you can check it out below, as we will see step by step how to create collaborative lists on YouTube Music.

How to create collaborative lists

Creating shared lists on YouTube Music is a simple process that it can bring you many joys.

If you haven't tried this feature yet, we invite you to find out step by step how to create them on YouTube Music and share them with your friends so they can add their favorite songs.

Create and add your songs to the list

First of all, what you should do is update the YouTube Music app to its latest version to enjoy the latest improvements.

Once updated, open YouTube Music on your Android phone or tablet and click "Bookshelf" in the bottom bar. Next, tap on the option «Playlist» to access the playlists. As we said, you can only create collaborative playlists that you have already created in your account.

If you haven't already, it's time to create a playlist and add the songs you want to share with your friends.

How to create collaborative lists on YouTube music

So you can access your YouTube Music playlists

Set the playlist as a collaborative list and share it

Once you've created your playlist, tap to make it collaborative to be able to share it with other users.

To do this, tap on the icon with three vertical dots to the right of the list and, in the options menu that appears, click on "Edit list".

This will take you to the list edit page, you can change the name and add a description. To make it collaborative, click on the option "Collaborate".

Subsequently, enable the box "Collaborators can add songs and videos" to access the link to invite other users to collaborate on that playlist.

Also, if you click the "Share" button, a list of options for sharing the link will be displayed, such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram o Twitter.

By sharing the link to the collaborative list, you will have finished your part in the process. Now the time comes for your friends, who will have to accept the invitation and start adding their favorite topics and videos.

How to create collaborative lists on YouTube music

Make your list collaborative so your friends can add their music

What your friends need to do to add songs to your playlists

It's up to your friends to take action, the ones you sent the invitation to share the YouTube Music list.

First of all, they have to click on the link that you sent him. The YouTube Music app will open on their devices with a message for accept the invitation to your collaboration list. By clicking on the «Continue» button, this list will be added to your library.

Finally, what they need to do is add the songs and videos they want to the playlist. To do this, they need to search for a song, click the three-dot button on the right, select "Add to list" and then the collaborative list.

How to create collaborative lists on YouTube music

Your friends can add their favorite songs to the YouTube Music collaborative list

When your friends put their songs together, you can see who added each one of them when you access the collaborative list.

YouTube Music will soon add more great features, such as i song suggestions in playlists in based on the type of music they host. Without a doubt, we must not lose sight of this music streaming platform, as it promises a breakthrough in the coming months.

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