How to create «My Twitter Family», is it reliable?

How to create «My Twitter Family», is it reliable?

We may have seen the «My Twitter Family» family tree to some of our contacts, so now we will explain how to make these images and if the application that generates them is reliable.

These graphs show our so-called "parents", "children" and "spouse" on Twitter, based on the people we interact with the most. They quickly went viral, as they include mentions to profiles and a link so they can create and share their Twitter family too.

These are the images of «My Twitter Family» that can be seen on the social network:

Publish «My Twitter Family», step by step

Making the family tree with our virtual family is simple, yes, we cannot choose the members, it is the algorithm itself that selects them. Here's how we can do it:

  1. We have to enter the «My Twitter Family» website, is a free service that works on mobile and computer:

Web: Twitter family tree

  1. Then we press the button «Log in with Twitter» to create your Twitter family tree, leaving marked the option to publish directly, which is the most convenient:

  1. Twitter will ask us to access with username and password (password is not shared by the app). Then we will click «Authorize the application» so that Roun' Year Fun! #865d (this is the full name) can access our account:

  1. Looking at the list, the high number of permits does not seem necessary or reliable to us, then we will see how to delete them:

  1. The family tree is shown below, we can take a screenshot or click on it and choose the "Save Image" option in the browser. At the same time , a tweet with the family tree will appear and account mentions:

Decommission the app

«My Twitter Family» richiede almost full access to our account, so it's a good idea to revoke it, to prevent future fraudulent uses. These are the necessary steps:

  1. We will enter the Twitter configurationthrough the following path:

Settings & Privacy -> Security & Account Access -> Apps & Sessions -> Linked Apps

  1. We will look for the fun of roun ‘Anno! #865d and we will choose the option «Revoke access»:

In this way, «My Twitter Family» you will not be able to continue to publish on our behalf, nor perform the rest of the actions it has requested, which are very invasive with our privacy.

In general it can be fun make «My Twitter Family» go viral following these steps, but our advice is to remove the permissions we grant after publishing the tweet, because the service that generates it doesn't seem very reliable.

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