How to create or create basic flowchart in Visio step by step?

You've already seen how to easily create an organization chart in Visio and how to set up a calendar in Visio in just a few steps. The premise of this tutorial will be a breeze.

In addition, it also supports exporting flowchart in MS Visio format for sharing with MS Visio users.

Also, by using this Visio flowchart software, you can easily open, view and edit a flowchart created in MS Visio, regardless of whether you are using OS X or Windows.

Proper use or use of Microsoft Office isn't the only good thing this computer giant provides.

Simple steps to create a Visio flowchart

If you thought that creating or creating a basic flowchart in Visio was a very complex topic, with these steps we will show you that it is not.


How to create or create basic flowchart in Visio step by step?

Start Edraw, open a flowchart drawing page:

Go to File menu> New> Flowchart and then double-click Basic Flowchart to open a blank drawing page and start create a Visio flowchart.

Add shapes and content:

To add shapes: the library on the left panel of the program covers all forms of the flowchart needed to draw a Visio flowchart, just drag and drop them onto the drawing page.

To add text content to a shape or connector: Double-click it, then type. Click on a blank area of ​​the page to finish typing. Next, you will have completed a Flowchart.

Export this complete flowchart in Visio vsdx format:

Simply select Export and Send from the File menu to export the flowchart in vsdx Face format.

Create the flowchart in Word

Visio is the Microsoft Office program for creating or creating a basic flowchart. It comes with all full Office suites, but if your company bought their Office programs individually, you might not have access to Visio.

You can create flowcharts comparable using a more popular program: Microsoft Word.

Word contiene automated forms you can use to create diagrams of flow similar to Visio.


How to create or create basic flowchart in Visio step by step?

You can use these flowcharts to visualize business processes or to map program flow into software developed by your company.

  • Press "Ctrl-Enter" to create a new page in the Word document or press "Ctrl-N" to create a new document.
  • Press "Insert" on the Word ribbon and press "Shapes" in the Illustrations group.
  • Click on the individual shapes in the panel labeled "Organization Chart", then click and drag on the page to create the shapes of the organization chart.
  • Right-click each shape and then click "Add Text" to label each.
  • Click "Shapes" again and click the arrow in the "Lines" panel. 6. Click on a shape and drag the mouse cursor over the next shape to connect the two.
  • Repeat the previous step to connect the other shapes in a flowchart.

Best Practices Flowchart

There are few things you can do to make your organization chart universally accepted. And there are some things you can do to make it visually pleasing to others as well.

If you are going to create or create a basic flowchart in Visio, be it sharing your flowchart or hoping to use it in a presentation etc. then it is advisable to use standard symbols.

Despite everything, it is important to note that the idea is that of provide information in an easy to understand way. It is allowed to use an alternative image as a substitute for the document symbol, only so people will understand.

Keeping the flow of arrows aside, using symbols of the same size, naming decision blocks, processes, arrows, etc. are some of the things that can be done to improve it.

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