How to create or create invisible folder in Windows 10? - Quick and easy

Before starting, it wouldn't hurt if you knew how to change desktop icons and similar tasks in the operating system, which will help you perform these types of processes much easier.

How to create or create invisible folder in Windows 10? - Quick and easy

The Windows 10 operating system has an option for users to hide their files from other people do not know of their existence. With an invisible folder, you can hide relevant information without showing an icon identifying this folder or an image associated with the file container.

Next, we present all the information you should know about invisible folders, their usefulness and two procedures for creating them in Windows 10.

What is an invisible folder?

An invisible folder is a file container that remains hidden somewhere on your computer. By doing this, you will prevent other users from accessing its content because they will not be able to view this folder.

How to create or create invisible folder in Windows 10? - Quick and easy

What is an invisible folder for?

An invisible folder is used for hide files stored in it. One user can create an invisible folder and manage its contents while other users on the same computer will not know that this directory exists in a virtual location on the disk. Therefore, an invisible folder will only be available to its creator.

Create an invisible folder in Windows 10 - quick and easy

To create a invisible folder in Windows 10 you have to create a simple or traditional folder. By taking advantage of the options offered by the system, you can customize, change the icon and change the name of the new folder.

Create a new folder

First, create a traditional folder. To achieve this, locate a space on the disk where you want to have the invisible folder and there you have to press the right mouse button. Then, select the option "New" e "Folder".

Note that it is also possible to create directories from CMD, which can be useful on certain occasions when for some reason you cannot create them normally.

Store your files

Once the folder is created, you need to store the files of your choice. To do this, go to the location of each file, right-click on each and choose the option "Cut it". Locate the folder you just created and press the right mouse button again to choose the option "Paste".

How to create or create invisible folder in Windows 10? - Quick and easy

Change the new folder icon

Right click on the new folder and select the option "Customize". Immediately, hit the “Change Icon” button and from a list of icons you have to choose “Blank Icon” so that nothing is displayed. Confirm the changes and press the button "OK" before leaving the properties.

Of course, this is completely optional. In fact, you can create icons to customize folders and adapt them completely to your tastes or needs.

Rename the new folder

Right click on the folder, select the option  "Property" and then the "General" tab. There, you have to assign the name for which you have to press the ALT key + the numbers 1060. When you do that, you will see a white character right in the name space. click on "OKAY".

Another alternative to create an invisible folder in Windows 10

If the previous procedure was not effective, then you could try the following guide, with which we will show you another method that will surely work correctly. Follow the next steps:

  • Step 1: create a new folder anywhere on the disk as explained above.
  • Step 2: add all subfolders and files of your choice to the new folder.
  • Step 3: right click on the new folder and select the "Properties" option. Then, in the "General" tab you will find two attributes from which you have to choose "Hidden". Click the "Apply" button, then click "OK" and close the properties window.

And sure enough, that's how you can hide a folder in Windows. On the other hand, the folder options in Windows are very varied, in fact it is possible to put a music folder when Windows 10 starts and other similar actions with which to customize the system is very simple.

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