How to create original stickers to share on Telegram

Telegram is one of the most complete messaging applications that exist today, as applications like WhatsApp has the own adhesive system. If you are interested in creating your own Stickers, please read carefully the following guide that we have prepared for you.

How to create original stickers to share on Telegram

Creating stickers for the Telegram application can be a complicated process for novice users. In any case, with the right guide you can make the best Stickers without major inconveniences, read the following tutorial carefully to learn how to do it:

How to create original stickers to share on Telegram

Search for the image to create the sticker

The first thing you should do is locate the image you want to turn into a sticker. Keep in mind that for create a suitable adhesive, it would be better to select an image that is relatively easy to edit.

Likewise, you'll want to locate a photograph whose image quality is adequate and sharp. However, don't worry so much about the resolution, as the sticker images must have a total size of 512 × 512 px.

In case your image is not that size, remember that you can change the resolution of an image in Photoshop, even with other programs and even with online platforms.

Remove the background from the image

To create a quality sticker, it is best to remove the background of the image, leaving only what you want to show. For this you can use any photo editing application, such as Gimp o Photoshop and there are also options to remove the background from an application-free image, which will make your work even easier.

Keep in mind, as we pointed out earlier, that image should be 512 × 512 px. Similarly, the photograph should be in PNG format with transparency, so remember to save the image in that format and with that size.

How to create original stickers to share on Telegram

Create original stickers for Telegram with the Telegram Bot

Telegram is a different application, the interaction and its many functions make it one of the most interesting messaging apps and you can even use Telegram as a music and video player, making it an "all in one" noteworthy.

Either way, the process of creating a sticker can be tricky for some, as you need to use the Telegram bot, don't worry, the process is simple.

  1. The first thing you should do is access this link Once there, write the following «/ newpack». After that, the Telegram Bot will ask you to write a name for your Sticker, write a short description and click Submit.
  2. After the above, the Telegram Bot will ask you to add the Sticker, remember that you don't have to send it as an image, rather you have to send it as if it were a file. Once the image has uploaded in PNG format, click the submit button.
  3. At the next point, Telegram will ask you to provide an emoji, since each of the Stickers created must be related to one of them. Once you've found the emoji you like, click Submit.
  4. The system will ask you to add other Stickers, if you no longer want to create others, type the following command "/ Publish". The last step required by the application will be to provide a name for the Sticker link, make sure it is a unique name, write it down and click Submit.
  5. Telegram will display a small link on the screen with which it will be possible to access the sticker created. To start using it within Telegram, you just need to click on the link provided before and your sticker list will be added.

While the above process is perfect for making unique stickers, remember that you can always download the best sticker packs for Telegram with great ease and there are plenty of options to choose from as well.

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