How to create panoramic photos for Instagram accounts

Facebook made a big investment by acquiring Instagram and since then the innovations of this application have been some of the best today.

On top of that, they provide a great service to the consumer, both because of their unique way in which they allow us to share the virtual identity with the user, and in other cases this platform represents the advertising boom of many franchises.

Memorable moments! for good photos on Instagram

This time it is the turn of the photos in panoramic mode, very attractive and captivating for the public, since they allow you to see the complete and extended picture of unrepeatable moments that are captured to be remembered, because " To remember is to live ”And enjoying Life with magnificent episodes cannot go unnoticed through the lens of a camera.

Especially if it is a place we visit for the first time, someone we haven't seen in years or even if we have the happiness of meeting a famous person. In this way we will have an unforgettable recording of a panorama to share on our Instagram account.

How to create panoramic photos for Instagram accounts

In this sense, i panoramas are the solution to those photos where you want to capture the beauty of the moment in a wider context. Especially when it comes to natural landscapes specifically. Yup! Thanks to this type of panoramic acquisitions we can visually cover the broad horizon of a place.

So no detail is lost. Other than that, it avoids having to upload those cropped photos that take away some of the essence and meaning of the portrait. Likewise, if you want to better capture the content you upload in real time, you might want to consider recording live broadcasts on Instagram.

Create panoramic photos for Instagram accounts

Before you can share a great view with your followers, you must first save this photograph in your gallery, as the Instagram application does not allow us to take this type of photo. It is worth noting that through the Google Photos application it is possible to create an automatic panorama image.

Just insert the camera of your mobile device, which usually must be of the latest or at least non-primitive technology, so that it allows you to access the “panorama” option. Press the option to continue and perform the entire scan, thus obtaining a panoramic photo.

How to create panoramic photos for Instagram accounts

Once the photo is ready and waiting for the album to be shared, follow these steps:

  • Download PanoramaCrop. This is a fairly simple interface free application for Android devices.
  • When you open the app, an interface will appear with the option to select the image you want to post. Select it.
  • The program will direct us to the gallery, where we will choose our reserved and ready view.
  • We will therefore observe the panoramic photo and a bar at the bottom that offers us 4 options to choose from depending on what we intend to project.
  • The first allows you to zoom in to focus the image according to your perception.
    The second option is to decide at will which number of squares we want to divide the image into. It should be borne in mind that Instagram, in its number of photos in the album has a limit of 10, the program offers the same.
  • Thirdly we can place the box with the photos in large or small.
    The last function is to rotate the panorama to your liking.
  • Finally, click on the pimp icon in the top right for share your picture on your Instagram account.
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