How to create tags with Tubebuddy for my YouTube channel safely

YouTube is currently a means of income for millions of people around the world; the correct use of labels, can make a difference in reproductions. Therefore, it is recommended that you create tags with Tubebuddy for your YouTube channel in a secure way.

All YouTube users are looking for how to make successful YouTube videos. To achieve this goal, there are several tools, applications and Chrome extensions for YouTube to improve the ranking of your videos.

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is an extension or add-on which is installed for free in Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browsers. There is also a version of the application, for Android or iOS mobile phones; you can download them on their official website.

While other YouTube users need to tag YouTube with keywords using the Keyword Tool or other third party tools. Tubebuddy simplifies your work bringing together many features in a single extension or App.

This application integrates 100% with YouTube Studio; since this extension is certified by YouTube. Hence, it can be used safely; as well as having a large number of very useful functions.

How to create tags with Tubebuddy for my YouTube channel safely

Many of its features are free ; but there are a few that require a subscription to a paid account: the Pro version for $ 9 a month, the Star for $ 19 a month, and the Legend comes with a monthly payment of $ 49.

What are the benefits of using Tubebuddy for my YouTube channel?

The main advantage of Tubebuddy is the its integration with YouTube Studio, since it does not modify its interface; Each Tubebuddy function, you can easily identify it with a small icon with its logo.

These functions can be classified into 4 groups: Productivity Tools, Video Tools for SEO, Promotion Tools, and Search and Data Tools. In the second group, there are functions involving labels.

Users can access a keyword finder, a search explorer. In addition to the tag lists, see their classification, they have a tag classifier. Besides view and copy tags of the best YouTube videos.

But why are labels important? People won't search for a video based on its URL or exact title, they will search rather a video with a tag or keywords; And if they match those in your video, you'll be guaranteed a visit to your channel.

That's why you will always need to search for the best keywords or keywords for YouTube. This is where Tubebuddy differs from other options that we have to manage with our labels.

How to create tags with Tubebuddy for my YouTube channel safely?

If you already had a tag list. The way to create tags with Tubebuddy for your YouTube channel is the same as always. Well, you just need to enter your YouTube account, search for your video and press il button blue "EDIT VIDEO".

In the next window, you will see the "Basic Information" tab and text boxes for the video title, description, and tags. In the latter, you will paste the words from your list, which should not exceed 500 words.

How to create tags with Tubebuddy for my YouTube channel safely

With Tubebuddy you can create a list of tags, taking as a reference, the best positioned videos on YouTube. To do this, log into your YouTube account, do a video search with a word that defines your video and click on the first result.

In the description of the video is the Tubebuddy button of “Tags”, and when you press it you will see the tags it has. The best ones will be highlighted with an icon green and their numbering in the positioning, for example: "# 1" to indicate the first place.

Let's copy, go to the label box of our video and paste them. By default, they will be placed last, if you previously had some sets; but with Tubebuddy, you can reorder them with the "Order" button, by clicking on “Automatically Sort by Grade” and “Apply and Close”.

Now you know how to create your own tags using Tubebuddy; managing to place your videos, capturing more visits and replays. If you liked this information, you can share it with your contacts, so that they too know this secret.

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