How to delete a badoo account from facebook

How to delete a badoo account from facebook

For some time now, a large number of people have been experiencing some inconveniences and problems related to link between a Badoo account and your Facebook account, causing more than one inconvenience or bad moment as a result of creating a Badoo profile with Facebook or, in the event that a Badoo account is created and activated unknowingly or inadvertently via Facebook, unintentionally.

Well, luckily, all of these problems have a solution and it's something I break down and explain in this tutorial below. However, before that it is necessary to clarify a couple of things or concepts that you should know in order to effectively solve your problem.

Unlink your Badoo account and/or delete your Badoo account

Unlink a Badoo account from Facebook it simply means to unlink, unlink or unlink one account from the other and that they are separate but both active. That is, disconnecting Badoo from Facebook does not mean that your Badoo account will be deleted, it will remain open and only the link and rights you may have to access the information, content (photos) of your personal Facebook account.

On the other hand, deleting a Badoo account linked to your personal Facebook account will remove the link and will definitely remove the Badoo account. In summary and in simple words, unlinking an account and deleting an account are 2 very different things and you will have to choose according to their criteria what they really want and they are 2 options:

  • Option No. 1  | In case they are satisfied only with separating the accounts of these social networks and using them interchangeably, then they will have to start the procedure to unlink the Badoo account from Facebook and for this there is the solution n. 1 and 2 which are explained below.
  • Option No. 2  | In the other case, that for some reason your Badoo account was created by Facebook and you necessarily want to unlink accounts and furthermore, unsubscribe or delete that Badoo account which is created, you will be then, able to continue the process of solution n. 1 or 2 which is below and then, follow the process of solution #3. 3 or much better, just run the process of solution #XNUMX. XNUMX which is faster and the problem is solved root problem as it will automatically unlink Badoo from Facebook the moment the Badoo account is closed or unsubscribed.

Note no. 1 | On the other hand, I clarify that you cannot delete Badoo account from Facebook  , this can only be done on Badoo.

Delete a Badoo account from Facebook | Solution no. 1

The first solution or alternative that can be undertaken for this type of problem is to access Facebook with the respective data and then enter the Badoo profile on Facebook (ie the application), which is this: http://www.facebook. com/badoo and there, you will be able to see under the profile picture an option that says Block applications and then, you'll have to click right there and automatically, the Badoo account you have should have been unlinked from your Facebook account.

This is the process to unlink a Badoo account from the account you have on Facebook. If for some reason that didn't work, you can try it in a bit more manual way and that is solution #2. XNUMX below.

Note no. 2  | This solution no. 1 will serve or have the purpose of separating your Badoo account and Facebook account but will not delete your profile or the Badoo account will remain active, is that clear?. In case you want to delete that Badoo account, you can read solution #3. XNUMX below.

Delete a Badoo account from Facebook | Solution no. 2

Step 1: The first step is logically, to access the Facebook account you have with the respective access data and then, to access the profile you have on Facebook, you must click on the triangle icon located at the top right (if you are on a desktop computer).

With the previous click, a tab will appear with different options and then here, you will have to click on the option again » Settings «.

Step no. 2: Well, with the previous click, your Facebook account setup page will appear and you have to click on the option » Applications » located in the options on the left sidebar (if you're on a desktop computer).

The applications section of your Facebook account will open and you will have to click on the button » Modification » of the option » Applications, websites and plug-ins in » and here you should be able to remove or disable the Badoo on Facebook application.

Note no. 3  | It should be specified and reiterated that this solution and the previous one only serve to interrupt the link between the Badoo account and the Facebook account held by a user and the Badoo account will remain active but not connected to one's Facebook. If this is not the goal and what you want is to unlink Badoo and at the same time delete that account from Badoo, you will have to follow the steps of the solution n. 3.

Delete Badoo Account | Solution no. 3

This solution is the most categorical and correct to make when the idea is that of removing the badoo and facebook link and also removing that badoo account which, by the way, some have not created of their own free will but rather, for some reason or confusion which causes Badoo to create a profile via Facebook.

Also in this case it is good to clarify that the previous solutions #1 and #2 only deactivate the link between Badoo and Facebook, as such and in this precise case you will be able to delete your Badoo account and, at the same time, that link between them will be eliminated social networks (logical, you will not have Badoo). Well, in a previous article I explained to you how to delete badoo account, but I am attaching it here, be careful.

Step no. 1: The first action is to access the Badoo account that you want to delete and for this, you must access the first page of the Badoo website and then click on where it says » Log in » which is at the top right (if you're on a desktop computer).

2 pass: in the new Badoo page that has opened you will have to write your email and your password and then click on the button » Submit «.

Note no. 3 | Surely more than one does not know or is unaware of the password of that Badoo account they have and are active. Well that login problem is solved in this article as a tutorial but I will shed some light on it here… You can check your email associated with Badoo and open a message from them as they usually send alert messages on new visits to your profile , comments you get from other users and so on, other things and promotions. So, they open one of those Badoo messages and click on the link and they will come to Badoo with no password and in situations where you have no Badoo messages, well recover the password by clicking Did you forget your password?and follow the instructions to create a new password and thus access your Badoo profile (you can read this procedure in the tutorial link).

Step no. 3: once inside, you must go to the profile section or page and to do this, simply click on the username you have and which is above in the options that appear on the left (if you are on a desktop computer).

Step 4: Once, in your profile you must click on » Settings » and that is symbolized by the icon of a dice that is, above the photos on the right (if you are on a computer).

Step no. 5: with the previous click, the Badoo Settings page has been opened and here, you will have to click on » Delete account » and you will find it as the last option below, search well.

Step no. 6: a window will open in which you will have to cross out or mark one of the options and, in this case, it is: Delete your account and then click where it says » Continue » under the Stay on Badoo button.

Step no. 7: a new window will open where they have to choose the option they want to delete their account and after that write a message in that comment box, if it is meritorious and then click on » Continue » which is under the Stay on Badoo button.

Step no. 8: after the previous step, a new window will open in which you will be asked to enter your Badoo password correctly and after that you will have to click on the » button Delete your account » and voila! Finally, you have deleted or permanently deleted your Badoo account and with it the application that connects Badoo to your Facebook account.

Note no. 4 | If you do not know your password, you will have to click on the question mark «' ? » which is located in the box where you have to write the password and then follow the instructions that are definitely to create a Badoo password and you can do it by following the link left in Note #3.

What does Facebook say about it?

Finally, it is possible to record what Facebook says in relation to this topic and precisely, in the section of the Facebook help service (Computer help > applications, games and payments > Application basics) you can review information on how to control permissions when you register in applications or games, and in other information you can review how you can change your privacy and configuring applications and games, as explained above.

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