How to delete and delete my Roblox account forever

If you have tried the game and did not like it, in this article we will explain what you can do for wipe and delete my Roblox account forever. So, we will tell you about some alternatives to this game.

How to delete and delete my Roblox account

Currently, Roblox does not have an official method for deleting or deleting your account when you want to unsubscribe. In fact, in an official statement from Roblox Support it is clearly specified that if you no longer want to play, you can simply stop. They also make it clear that all your information will be saved in case you want to come back.

What can you do in such a situation? The best option available is to remove all personal information from your profile and "disappear". To do this, go to the game's official page and log in with your username.

Then click on the nut icon and select the option "Settings". Now delete all the information you entered, such as your name, address, among others.

If you can't leave the fields blank, replace the data with random ones. Then select the "Social" option and disconnect your account from any social network. Finally, click on the "Privacy" tab and change the options so that no one can follow or contact you.

How to delete and delete my Roblox account forever

If the above is not enough, you can try contacting technical support. You can do it through the official page or by filling out the form. We don't guarantee results, but it costs nothing to try. If you write an email, make sure you do it give her -mail linked to your account Roblox.

Another option is to call the company's service numbers directly. Dial (888) 858-2569. Before doing this, check your carrier's international calling rates.

If, on the other hand, it is within your possibilities, you can also go directly to the company and tell them about your situation. They are located at 970 Park Place, Suite 100 - San Mateo, California 94403 - United States.

Yup, it is not easy to unsubscribe from this platform. However, this information will be useful to you. Hopefully one day Roblox will enable an official online option to delete accounts.

The best alternatives to Roblox



Let's start with one of Roblox's big rivals. And is that over the years, a lot has been compared to Minecraft. However, these two games have their marked differences. In this other article we will talk in more detail about the history of the creation of Minecraft.

If you decide to switch to Minecraft, the first thing that will stand out will be the visual aspect. Better crafted storylines and a greater variety of creatures are some of the aspects that allow you to enjoy this game, alone or in multiplayer. You can also install it for free on Android, iOS and PC.

Pixel Gun 3D

As the name suggests, this game is player versus player (PvP) oriented, so guns and violence play a leading role.

In fact, it is a game aimed at teenagers. Pixel Gun 3D delivers a wide variety of maps and multiplayer game modes, ranging from classic Battle Royale to fun Capture the Flag. It also has survival modes and a chat to communicate with other players. It is available for Android and iOS.

How to delete and delete my Roblox account forever


Finally, Terraria is a 2D open world game available for a large number of platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS and more. In it you will have to customize your character and shape the world around you.

Like other titles, you will have to use your wits and use the resources at your disposal for survive the challenges that come your way. It also has a multiplayer mode to connect with your friends and players from other parts of the world to experience adventures through the different randomly created maps.

These were just a few alternatives to Roblox. We hope you enjoy playing these games. If you don't like any of them, rest assured that the more you look, the more you will find.

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