How to delete someone else's Facebook

How to delete someone else's Facebook

Social networks have become one more element of our daily life, they are used to interact with people from all over the world, share publications or discover any topic. A social network like Facebook can have both advantages and disadvantages, if a social network is used with malicious intent it can be very dangerous.

On Facebook we can find memes to laugh with for hours, cooking tips and videos of everything we can imagine. Some users choose to post  inappropriate content such as hate speech, violence, inappropriate content, animal abuse, etc. On these occasions there is the possibility of delete the user's Facebook account a  due to inappropriate behavior with the rules of the social network.

Can someone else's Facebook account be closed? 2022

Not only can you  close another person's Facebook account, but there are times when it's the best thing to do. There are many accounts that incite hatred, violence, propagate extremist speech, show animal cruelty, inappropriate content, etc. These types of accounts can be blocked by other users as we will see below.

On the other hand, another reason that can lead to a possible  Facebook account deletion  it is inactivity. Surely this has happened to you or you know someone who has forgotten both their account username and password, or who has several accounts and never enters one. In this case, you can delete one of the accounts linked to an email and be able to create a new one if you wish. If we talk about inactivity of the account due to the death of the user, it can also be closed.

Here are some simple steps to close a Facebook account for any reason.

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How to delete another person's Facebook account 2022

The option that Facebook has so that users can block other users for any reason makes this social network much safer than the others. Users can censor content that is inappropriate towards another person or family member or themselves.

This has an important security component, but it can also be misused for  block a friend's account  as a joke and make the blockage irreversible. In the case of famous people, it can get them into trouble because it only takes five people to block an account, anyone who isn't a big fan could block it for any reason.

As we have seen, the reasons for  delete someone else's Facebook account  they can be different. The ways to cancel your account will be different depending on these reasons.

Block Facebook account for inappropriate behavior

This option not only allows you to block Facebook account for a while, but the social network will analyze the user content and you can block it indefinitely. To block another user's Facebook account, follow these steps:

In the event that he is a public figure and has committed some reprehensible act for which his Facebook account can be deleted, you will first need to access his profile on the social network.

This user will have some detractors who will have thought of reporting the account just like you, to close their account, it will only have to be 5 or more users who reported it. Do one  reporting on a Facebook account  it is very simple, you just have to go to the three dots in the upper right part of the user account profile, click on them and a tab will open  "report account".

The social network will automatically examine the content of the account and if it deems it inappropriate, it will block it indefinitely.

Those responsible for processing complaints and blocking accounts on Facebook usually take their job very seriously and are attentive to all complaints. The only requirement for a complaint to be enforced is that it is substantiated, i.e. the reason for the complaint must be clear or the account will remain open.

If your account posts content that may incite hatred or terrorism, the complaint from other users must be for that reason and not another, otherwise it will not be processed.

Delete a photo as offensive

Another way to block another user's Facebook account is to mark a photo they have posted as "offensive". This situation occurs when the user has posted a photo in which he tagged you and you have asked him to delete that photo because you find it offensive but he won't delete it.

In the upper right part of the image you will find three dots that you will have to click if a tab will open which will indicate, among other options, that of "publish report". You just have to click on this tab and Facebook will examine the content of that image to classify it as offensive.

The social network will indirectly analyze all the content of the user's profile and if it believes that other images violate its rules, it can punish the user with a  temporary or indefinite block.

How To Delete A Facebook Account Due To Death In 2022

Facebook allows you to  delete accounts due to death  or to create an account in memory of that person. To create a memorial, you just need to go to your Facebook settings and select  «settings for memorial accounts». Now you just have to choose a friend to manage your account when you die, this person will be able to enter the account, but will never know the password or share the information as if it were you.

If you prefer that the account is deleted you must go to the settings and click on  «I request that the account be deleted when I die», a friend or relative will need to notify Facebook of your death via a death certificate and the account will be automatically deactivated.

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