How to delete Telegram messages without leaving a trace

Telegram is compatible with all operating systems, especially Android and iOS. Something that strikes users is that the platform has the ability to add unlimited users to their groups or channels, improving the communication experience.

Another feature is that in the application you can share media files up to 1,5GB, it has the best bots to listen to music or play games and you can join a group or a Telegram channel to share them with your friends.

An important fact you need to know is that you don't need a SIM to use the App, Telegram is a free and fairly secure App, making your messages secure for both users.

I want to delete my messages sent on Telegram

On many occasions we want to delete our messages, but sometimes we wonder if this could leave a trace or something similar.

Don't worry, first you should know that Telegram is safe since has end-to-end encryption and can delete the messages you want.

If you want to be part of this application, you will need to acquire the basic knowledge to access Telegram, on phones with Android and iPhone operating system.

It's not like other apps where you can only delete messages in your conversation and if you delete for the whole chat in general you can do it until a certain time.

With Telegram you can delete all the messages you want at the time you wantno matter how much time has passed.

By Telegram the safety of its users is more important, taking great care of information in chats or people's data, in fact the same application has said it millions of times.

User data is sacred and is never used to send and disclose it to third parties, or for direct advertising, in practice they do not use our information, only what is necessary for the platform to function as it should be.

So don't worry if you think your messages will be shared by the same application, we already know that Telegram is the most secure messaging application.

How to delete Telegram messages without leaving a trace

Steps to delete my Telegram messages without leaving a trace

Delete or delete messages from this platform it's easier than you think, we will explain step by step how to do it:

First, you have to enter your Telegram from your Smartphone or through its Web version, you will have to enter the conversation you want to delete.

Find the message you want to delete and select it, then three dots will appear at the top of the screen and you will need to press them.

At these points you will get the option ' delete message '  click and automatically you will get a pop-up window where you have to select if you want to delete the message for your contact as well.

Select the option you want and then hit the Delete Message button, which appears in red and voila, your messages they will be deleted in your conversation and also for the other person and they won't know you took it out.

Just for me

It is important to know that the process for both types of message deletion is the same, as you will need to select the message or messages you want to delete, to select later whether you want to delete the message for the 2 parts, or just for yourself.

Keep in mind that when you take this action, you won't be able to undo it later, so be very careful, because if what you really wanted to do was delete the message for both parties and you only did it for one, later you won't be able to undo this action.

For my interlocutor

As mentioned above, the process in the beginning is the same for both types of deleting messages, as you will only have to select the messages you want to delete, go to the trash can icon in the upper right corner, press the icon and select if you want the message to be deleted just for you or if you want it deleted on both devices. 

This feature is one of those makes Telegram stand out from other messaging apps, since in App like WhatsApp, it happens that after a while you can no longer delete the message for both sides, but only for yours, which does not happen with Telegram, since even so 2 days have passed, you can still delete as many messages as you want. Also, manual deleting of messages is not the only way this App has to delete messages that we don't want to be there.

How to delete Telegram messages without leaving a trace

How to automatically delete my messages on Telegram?

Telegram has positioned itself as one of the most used instant messaging apps in the world, also positioning itself beyond above giants like WhatsApp, and this application has a lot of quite practical features, going from where we can listen and download music, movies, series, games, books, APK, etc. But undoubtedly, one of the most amazing features of this application is that of the messages that can self-destruct automatically.

The first thing we need to know how to do in order to destroy these messages is to create a secret chat, for this we will access the menu tab, which is located at the top right. Being in the menu, we will proceed to look for the option 'New Secret Chat'. Telegram has an end-to-end encryption system, which means that no information will remain on the servers and likewise cannot be forwarded.

After creating the secret chat, we can select the image of the person to whom we want to send the self-destruct message, obviously before doing it a card will appear indicating the time we want to take this message to cancel. It can range from 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour and up to 1 week. It is important that you know that these images cannot be captured or forwarded and that once removed, there will be no trace of their existence.

In addition to self-destructing messages within secret chats, Telegram has the ability to self-delete messages in any type of chat, with alternatives of 1 day or 1 week.

Easily clear your Telegram message history

Sometimes there are messages that we want to destroy and we imagine that there never were, the same happens with entire chats, so, don't you think it would be a bit boring to delete message by message? For luck Telegram makes life easier every day, and is that in this App we can attack messages, chats and entire groups at the same time, simply by following a few steps.

How to delete Telegram messages without leaving a trace

From a private chat

If we want delete a private chat, all we have to do is select the conversation from the outside, after which we will use the trash and just before sending these messages to the afterlife, we can decide if we want to delete only the chat for ourselves, or if we want to do it for the other too chat, so that none of the 2 users has access to what is sent to this chat.

In a group

If what we want is delete messages from a group, we have several options, the first is to simply join the group, go to the group options, which are displayed after pressing the 3 dots located in the upper right corner and selecting the option that says »Empty chat», after which we can confirm our operation.

The other option is just leave the group, but when we do, we must keep in mind that our messages will not be deleted from it, we will simply stop seeing the group in our chats and therefore we will not have access to the messages.

Another way to delete the history is when let's get into the search magnifying glass, where we normally look for channels, users, etc. It also has a cache memory, but unfortunately this information that is stored in this search engine we will have to delete them one by one, pressing on what we want to delete and selecting the same 'Delete' option.

Deleted messages in my Telegram app

Deleting messages on Telegram is quite simple, but you still have to keep in mind that when you delete a message you cannot go back and you cannot recover deleted messages.

If you have sent a message by mistake, we recommend that you delete the message as soon as possible, so as to prevent the other person from reading it and in this way that conversation will not fall into the hands of third parties.

How to delete Telegram messages without leaving a trace

When it comes to groups, users can delete the messages they have posted and this will take effect for all members. When you clear the chat, they will stop seeing messages just for them. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to empty the chat in public groups or channels. In the channels there are administrators who can delete messages.

People on the other side and you won't be able to do anything to prevent messages from being deleted.

If you were unfamiliar with this tool, you already know that it can be used and also how to do it, so when you send a wrong message you can delete it quickly and safely.

Telegram is one of the best alternatives to instant messaging today, we don't say it simply because we are users. If what you want is to keep all your information 100% safe, rest assured that Telegram is your ideal option, not to mention that it has an arsenal of tools which means you probably won't need to download many other applications. We blindly recommend you to try Telegram, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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