How to delete WhatsApp messages BEFORE THEY ARE READ

How to delete WhatsApp messages BEFORE THEY ARE READ

WhatsApp is a messaging application that in terms of options is always one step behind Telegram. One of the most anticipated options than this messaging client was the option for delete WhatsApp messages before they are read.

And it is that at some point in the world (since this famous app exists) it has happened to us that in some «hot» moment we have said what we shouldn't have in the form of a message. The problem is that the only way to delete whatsapp messages from recipient was to physically take the cell phone before it was read, which is quite complicated , until now…

We can finally delete WhatsApp messages remotely thanks to the latest update of the world's most used messaging client.

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages BEFORE BEING READ 2022

delete WhatsApp messages before they are delivered, you have to meet a number of requirements.

Requirements to permanently delete WhatsApp messages

  1. That the sender of the message and the recipient have the latest application update.
  2. Both must have the service of permanent deletion of WhatsApp messages, activated on your devices.

Steps to delete WhatsApp messages before they arrive

The first thing we need to do for delete unread whatsapp messages is to make sure that they have not yet been read with the « blue tick ». Once we have located the message we want to delete, we must proceed as follows:

  1. We hold down the note we want to make disappear.
  2. Top right we select the trash can.
  3. Now he will give us two options "delete for all" o "delete for me" and it's up to you.

Limitations of this service to delete WhatsApp messages before they are read

There are two limitations this option has:

  1. The notes they leave us more than 7 minutes cannot be deleted forever.
  2. The application will notify the recipient that a message has been deleted.

What do you think about this implementation for delete whatsapp messages forever? I think it needs to be polished, but it's a good initiative. As you can always leave me your thoughts below in the comment box, this would help me a lot.. ha! and don't forget to share and… thanks for your time!

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