How to delete whatsapp messages sent before being read

How to delete whatsapp messages sent before being read

Deleting an already sent message on WhatsApp is possible, it is a function that was implemented in the application some time ago, in the next article we will tell you how to delete a sent message before your other contact can read it.

When this feature was implemented in WhatsApp, applications like Telegram already had them available, so we can take how the message deletion feature was an inspiration from WhatsApp to Telegram by copying this feature.

La function of deleting messages in WhatsApp can be very useful in some cases, for example, if we have made the wrong recipient and want to delete the message, or we have written the message incorrectly and want to delete it to send it correctly.

Delete a message before it's read

As we said before, WhatsApp has the function of being able to delete a message when we have sent it, but we must take into account some drawbacks:

  1. the message cannot be eliminated after exactly 4.096 secondswhich is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  2. When we delete the message , the following message will appear in place of the message:

Now we will see how to delete a sent message on whatsapp before the other contact has read it, although we have to tell you that it will be of little use to delete a message if the other person has already read it. To delete a message, do the following:

  1. Leave pressed the message you want to delete (provided within the 68 minutes that WhatsApp allows you to delete them).
  2. Now press the trash can icon.

  1. A window will appear in which we can choose different options, but we will have to choose the option "Delete for all", this will delete the message.

  1. Now the message will be deleted, but another message will appear instead "You have deleted this message" for the person who sent it and the following message for the person who received it "This message has been deleted".

Therefore, deleting a message will sometimes be of little help to us, because the other person will know that we sent them a message even if he does not know its content, but in any case he will know that it was inadvertently or we regretted it, write it down.

Although this will be a way to avoid prying eyes, on the other hand we will be able to resend another message in case the one we have deleted was a mistake or we would like to modify it.

Turn on temporary WhatsApp messages

There is another feature that the app has copied from Telegram and they are temporary messages on whatsapp, and on our website we tell you all about them, but in this article we will give you a brief summary.

WhatsApp temporary messages can be activated individually in any of our contacts, but you should know that they will be deleted only after 7 days. To activate WhatsApp temporary messages you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the contact you want to activate messages from.
  2. Visit their profile and look for the option «Temporary messages».

  1. Now, when you activate them, you will have a conversation where all messages from the last 7 days will be deleted.

You should keep in mind that these messages, even if deleted, they can be read, captured and forwarded to any of his contacts within 7 days, as they will be deleted.

Now that you know how delete WhatsApp messages that have already been sent and before the other contact has read them, all you have to do is test it and see the reaction of many of them, as more than a few answers will surprise you.

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