How to Delete Windows Partition on Mac OS with Boot Camp - Quick and Easy

There are several ways to install Windows on a Mac , this is convenient in many circumstances. In any case, most of the time it is not explained how to uninstall the system once it is on our computer, here you will learn how to do it and recover that partition.

In relation to this tutorial, you may be interested in knowing how to format a PC and install Windows 10 from scratch, at the same time remember that tutorials like these you will only find them on our Miracomosehace site.

What Boot Camp and what is it for?

Boot Camp is one of those applications present within ours Mac OS system of which most people do not know its function. If you have any questions about Boot Camp, please read the following information carefully.

Training camp

Boot Camp is a very interesting application that was developed in 2006. Since then they have had multiple versions that have been adapted to changes and new versions of both Mac and Windows.

In general terms, we can definire Boot Camp as a utility that allows the installation of Microsoft (Windows) operating systems inside the Mac computer. It is something very useful if you constantly use Windows applications and its functioning is flawless.

How to Delete Windows Partition on Mac OS with Boot Camp - Quick and Easy

How to Delete Windows Partition on Mac OS with Boot Camp - Quick and Easy

Boot Camp is amazing software that virtually every curious person in the computing world should have installed on your Mac. Thanks to this program, as we mentioned earlier, you can install other operating systems on your computer.Today we will teach you how to delete Windows and its partition with Boot Camp.

The process for remove Windows with Boot Camp it is very simple, in fact this process is practically automated so you will not have to follow a series of complicated steps. In any case, if you have any doubts, read our tutorial carefully, which we have developed in the simplest way possible:

  1. The first step is to open the Boot Camp application, for this you have to go to the Launchpad of the Mac, which you will find easily because it has a small rocket icon.
  2. Once pressed there, all applications installed on the system will appear, you need to look for the Others folder.
  3. Within Others, locate the option Assistente Boot Camp, click on it and wait for the application to open.
  4. The application is very simple to use, once it appears on the screen you have to click on the button Continue that yes located in the lower right area.
  5. The screen will show the indication that the hard disk will once again be a single volume, this means that the partition you had dedicated to Windows will be completely deleted.

It is recommended, if you have files inside your Windows system, to make a general backup of them, as pressing on the previous option will delete all the data from that partition.

Start uninstalling Windows from Mac

  1. To start the process, you need to click on the button Reset. A small menu will then appear on the screen where you need to enter the system password and press OKAY.
  2. After pressing OK, the hard drive recovery process will begin. After this, Windows and the partition will have been removed successfully, leaving a single volume as it was originally.

How to Delete Windows Partition on Mac OS with Boot Camp - Quick and Easy

Using the Boot Camp application Windows can be installed on new partitions. Likewise, in case you need to uninstall these partitions, just follow the steps we have mentioned above.

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