How to DETECT BULLS with WhatsApp fast and easy

How to DETECT BULLS with WhatsApp fast and easy

We are in the era of «post-truth» where any news that comes to us from any medium can be debated, which is the ideal setting for bufale and «Fake News». Such fake news uses everyday tools like social media to spread rapidly among the population. Because of this, some media outlets are already adopting their own method for prevent the spread of this fake news, in fact it is already possible detect hoaxes with WhatsApp and all thanks to the network International Fast Checking. In The Green Android we explain how to do it.

What is the International Express Checks Network?

THE International Fast-Checking Network  (IFCN) is an entity of the Poynter Institute whose function is to use journalistic information to verify hoaxes and «Fake News». To combat fake news, this organization has presented a WhatsApp bots which allows you to check the news to see if it is fake.

Tips to know if a news is fake 2022

Before using the tools for check for fake news, it is always advisable to be aware of the patterns that these types of hoaxes tend to follow. Next we will leave you 2 very interesting videos with good tips for detect lies in the news.

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How to use the antibullying bot of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp already has a bot against hoaxes and using it is very simple, the first thing we should do is add the following number to our address book:

  1. +1 (727) 2912606 (without +34 in front).
  2. We put the name «WhatsApp Anti-Bullying Bot».
  3. We give you to save the new contact.

It should also be noted that if we use Web WhatsApp we can use the WhatsApp anti Fake News chatbot from the following link.

How to detect hoaxes with WhatsApp step by step 2022

Now the next thing we have to do is enter our messaging client and search the agenda for our chabot contact that we just added.

We will directly enter a chat window in which we will have to activate it as follows:

  1. We write "Hello" (without quotes).
  2. Let's «Send».

This will activate the WhatsApp anti fake news bot. In this screen we will have access to 5 ways to operate with it.

  1. We write «1» followed by a keyword or a link to verify its authenticity.
  2. Il number «2» it will show us information that has been verified recently.
  3. I «3» are tips to avoid falling into false news.
  4. If we put «4» they will send us a message with the newspapers that check the news.
  5. Il number «5» provides information about the organization IFCN.
  6. Il number «6» is information about privacy del chatbot anti-bum.

It should be noted that the WhatsApp anti-bullying bot is in English, tuttavia l’IFCN has announced that it will soon be in Spanish.

What do you think about fake news through WhatsApp?, You can leave me your opinion in the comments. Don't forget to share this tutorial if you think it was interesting… Thanks a lot!

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