How to disable automatic Instagram updates on any mobile

The fact of turning off automatic updates of an App is not just a matter of Instagram. It happens, for example, when you want to disable automatic updates for Google Chrome.

One of the peculiarities of Mobile app is the capability or adjustment that allows it to be updated automatically when a new version or enhancement is released. Without asking.

The change is necessary, but at certain times or under certain circumstances the fact that it is carried out without our consent it can be a problem.

In this case, below we report the step by step procedure to disable automatic Instagram updates from the mobile, both for Android devices and for those with iOS operating system.

Disable updates on iOS

The setting that allows automatic updates on iOS, Apple's computer operating system, was implemented a few years ago and was very well received at the time.

But, nowadays, it is normal to want to prevent one of our Apple devices from automatically updating applications, to check what changes it requires and accept them already well aware, or even to save mobile data.

To achieve this, you must start by identifying the section " Settings «, Which is the classic panel for configuring this operating system.

Next, we scroll the screen view until we get or see an option called " iTunes Store and App Store «, By pressing it we access.

Consequently, it will show the customization options or preferences that apply to the store that contains all the applications offered by Apple, the App Store.


How to disable automatic Instagram updates on any mobile

Now, this screen has a section called " Automatic downloads «, Which shows a series of options to activate or deactivate.

What interests us will be evident, since it is established how " Updates «, And has a sliding button to its right.

The latter must be placed or moved to the left side, in addition to having a gray color, which means that it is deactivated.

In this way automatic updates, including updates of Instagram, they must have been disabled. And any subsequent updates must be done manually or individually.

Disable updates on Android

When the your portable device has the Android operating system, the procedure for removing or limiting instinctive updates is different.

First of all, and just like in iOS, to disable automatic Instagram updates, you really need to block all updates by default. The best thing about all of this is that the process is quite simple and is totally reversible. So you just have to follow the steps.

First of all, the application store, or Play Store, must be running and have the data of accesso correct. Inside this, in the upper left part, is the main menu button, identified by three horizontal lines parallel to each other.

The next step is to select the eighth option, the section » Settings «, Characterized by a toothed wheel or a gear to its left.


How to disable automatic Instagram updates on any mobile

In this way, the chosen section will open, and within this there is an option called " Automatically update applications «, You need to click on it.

The result will be a pop-up window with three selectable options, in this case the last one will be chosen, which consists of " Do not update App automatically «.

Pressing » Done «, The marked configuration will be saved and from now on updates from applications such as Instagram will have to be confirmed.

One thing to keep in mind is that automatic updates they don't necessarily have to be completely disabled, as they are sometimes necessary and useful for the forgetful.

Another thing you can do, in both operating systems, is to adjust the preferences so that they run " Only via Wifi »Or» At any time «.

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