How to disable autoplay of videos on Facebook Android

This can't be annoying just by the fact of play videos that we may not even be interested in watching. But also because it can mean more debt on your phone bill later this month.

So we will see a little below how to disable this option for avoid consuming too much mobile data and also to avoid having to forcibly watch videos that don't interest you in any way. It is a very simple tutorial that if you follow it to the letter you will be able to quickly eliminate this option and enjoy only the videos that really interest you.

How to disable autoplay of videos on Facebook Android

Disable autoplay on Facebook videos on Android

It's not exactly something very convenient to say that we are going down in the news feed and that the videos are always playing. Fortunately, the social network has the ability to disable this option so that none of the videos we see play on their own.

  • For this you have to press on the three lines that are in the upper right part of the screen.
  • A menu opens with different options, the one we are interested in is Settings and privacy> Settings.
  • Now you will have to go all the way to find multimedia content and contacts.
  • The next thing you will need to do is press Auto Play.
  • You will see that you have three options: with cellular data and Wi-Fi connections, only with Wi-Fi connections, and never play videos automatically.
  • Here you can choose the option you want. But if you want that they never spawn on their own, obviously the last option is the one you should choose.
  • If you choose the last option for playing videos, you will have to press on it. Otherwise they will not reproduce.

How to disable autoplay of videos on Facebook Android

Prevent autoplay of Facebook videos on Android

The problem with their autoplay obviously has an impact on mobile data. When we have the Wi-Fi it is not that it affects too much whether they reproduce.

However, with mobile data everything changes and we don't have unlimited internet, so we have to take care of the consumed data. On the fact that Facebook is one of the social networks that consumes the most data if you add video playback to that. You will obviously run out of data too quickly.

How to prevent automatic playback of videos on PC

You can also prevent them from automatically playing on your computer. For this you need to do the following:

  • At the top right of the screen you will see an arrow pointing down. When you press it, a new menu appears and here you have to look for the option » Settings «.
  • So you will have to go to the section " Video »In the left menu.
  • Search for option » Play video automatically »And you must select» Disabled «.

This way you can prevent Facebook videos from automatically playing on your computer as well. Similarly you can do it on macOS or Linux.

As you can see, disabling autoplay of videos on Facebook is quite simple whether you do it on Android, iPhone, Windows or any operating system. On some occasions it can be annoying that all the videos we come across, whether we are interested in it or not, are played by themselves.

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