How to disable the Minecraft narrator or remove the voice entirely

There are many games that achieve these goals come: Dragonbox, Simcity Edu, Spore, Hakitzu, Naraba, Simple Machines, Immune Attack, Cap Odyssey, Discovery Babylon, Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft in un video game created by Markus Persson and made by the company called Mojang. Minecraft was released in 2009 but its real version came out in 2011, versions of this game are subject to changes that can be used in different operating systems or computers, but how to download and install Minecraft PE “Pocket Edition” in Spanish?

How to disable the Minecraft narrator or remove the voice entirely

Minecraft currently contains more than 30 games available for U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, PS3, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, PSVITA, Swictch, PC, Android where you will also find sagas to continue playing, but this game is for children Over 11 years and if you already meet the age requirements, we will teach you how to download and install Minecraft for Android and iOS for free.

Minecraft is based on a infinite world of blocks for mostly cube-shaped and similar in size with a pixelated shape; You can run this game on different computers, it doesn't matter if these computers are not the latest generation. But in case the game doesn't run very well on your PC, we will teach you how to optimize and improve performance in Minecraft

With Minecraft you can discover thousands of possibilities, shapes, objects, as well as create your own tools or constructions with the combination of materials you want.

You can visualize that not all worlds are the same, because when you walk in this game you can find different things, they can be animals, people, cities, caves, volcanoes, dense trees, and you can collect building materials.

In Minecraft you will find different game modes: survival, where you can find resources and defeat different creatures; creative, you set your own rules and have thousands of resources; adventure lets you make maps for other players but you can't break bricks; and spectator mode, in case you get killed during the game you can keep watching the game. And a very curious thing about the game is that you can attract and tame pigs, cats, chickens and other animals.

Also, this game allows you to learn the basics of programming because Java code language is handled, this is possible when you make changes to characters, conditions and variables, as well as create your own server.

Using the Marketplace option, in Minecraft you can enter textures or maps created by different creators, you can change the time, depending on the version of Minecraft you play you can summon creatures among others, create resources, you can even play with more than 10 people on different platforms.

Something unique in Minecraft is the use of the narrator r, which is a voice that reads what appears in the chat and some player movements.

The narrator narrates the game with previously developed rules in which the player puts them into practice and brings the game to life.

How to disable the Minecraft narrator or remove the voice completely?

How to disable the Minecraft narrator or remove the voice entirely

If at the time of playing Minecraft you want to disable or completely remove the narrator's voice, I'll show you how to do it step by step:

Step 1

Inserisci "Minecraft" on your computer for PS4, Windows 10 or Xbox to precede the deactivation of the game narrator in this way.

Step 2

After you have already entered “Minecraft” go to the option “Sign in with a Microsoft account” and go to the tab "Settings".

3 pass

In the tab "Settings", click then go to the "Accessibility" tab, where you will see a list with several options, including "Enable UI Screen Reader"  disable it.

4 pass

Or you can also remove existing libraries in this game by entering “AutoHotKey”, there you can write the following by writing the following script: “Control + B” combining the keys and adding} would look like this: ^ b :: Send {}}. Or just Control + B where you will see the option “Narration activated only the system”, press the same command again and the narration turns off immediately.

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