How to disable youtube autoplay on android

How to disable youtube autoplay on android

YouTube is today the most popular entertainment center on the Internet. I've already said it in more than one article, I don't watch television anymore, only YouTube. This social network is already known all over the planet and day after day it is perfected with each update. That doesn't mean that sometimes it doesn't rain to everyone's liking. Indeed one of the things that give me more courage and I'm sure I am too YouTube auto plays. Yes, those who when you finish a video you skip another one without warning, so today we will see how to turn off youtube automated plays on our android.

Disable YouTube Auto Plays Android 2022

The first thing we need to do for turn off these videos that skip by themselves and obviously open our YouTube application.

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Log in to your profile

Once opened we will have to go to our profile. Is found top right, click on it.

YouTube account settings

Now we will see a screen with the following options:

  • My channel.
  • Switch accounts.
  • Go out.
  • Configuration.
  • Privacy terms and policies.
  • Help and comments.

We're interested in remove youtube autoplays in android e "Settings". Click on this option.

Now we will see a new screen with the following sections:

  • General.
  • Automatic playback.
  • Watch on tv.
  • History and privacy.
  • Notifications
  • Live chat.
  • Subtitle.
  • Gave.

Of course we enter «Autoplay».

Disable autoplay of next video

Now we will see an option that says:

«Auto play next video. When you finish watching a video, a more will play automatically ».

This is where we remove annoying them automated playbacks.

If this tutorial was practical for you and you have any questions below, I can solve them by leaving a comment. You have social media buttons to share this content, thanks for reading.

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