How to do Direct 3 and 4 people on Instagram

In an effort to regain lost ground on platforms like Clubhouse, Instagram decided to take the opportunity to launch one new feature within its live tool, Instagram Live.

Time it is already possible to make live videos with other people thanks to those who Instagram chiama «Live Rooms» or «live rooms», where it is now possible invite three other people to participate with us.

How to do Direct 3 and 4 people on Instagram

Instagram Live of various people.

Rooms with up to 4 people come to Instagram

As the company pointed out in a Facebook blog post, "Live Rooms" offers creators more freedom and new ways to generate income through badges.

The functions of purchase and fundraising, and the introduction of moderation structures and new audio utilities.

Instagram specifies that, in the last year, more and more people started using the social network's live video. Therefore, they claim that this feature is here to convince anyone who hasn't decided to take the step yet.

How to make a 4 person live on Instagram

Start a live video on Instagram with many other people it's easy. To do this, you just need to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed and then follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and swipe right from the main screen.
  2. Enter a title and select the "Rooms" or "Rooms" icon.
  3. Choose the people you want to join the live show. You can choose from the people who have requested to participate or search for them manually.
  4. The room begins. Once inside, you can add more participants (up to a maximum of three).

How to do Direct 3 and 4 people on Instagram

So are the Instagram live rooms.

The rollout of the Instagram live rooms is still in the works. Therefore, it is possible that you do not yet have this option available on your mobile. If so, it should arrive sooner or later via an app update.

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