How to download audio from TikTok

How to download audio from TikTok

It is true, what will be done… Many of us are fond of TikTok and, as good fans, sometimes we would like to have in our possession certain audios, music, sounds, voices and effects that we have heard from a TikTok video and which for some mysterious reason we can not get it out of our heads. Don't worry guys, stop suffering! The following article, called: how to download audio from TikTok to PC and mobile phone, we are sharing the ultimate solution that will let you easily and quickly download audio from TikTok video for free and also online, with or without a TikTok account. Follow these steps.

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Download a TikTok audio | Step 1: Enter TikTok and search for the video

First of all, they need to log in or enter TikTok from their PC or mobile, whoever has an account will log in and after doing so, they will simply search for the video on TikTok that has that audio or music that they like so much and want to download. .

Download a TikTok audio | Step 2: Open the video

Once they find the video with that audio in question, they need to enter it (with a click on the video if they use a PC) to be able to download the respective audio of that TikTok video and, incidentally, verify that it really is the video with correct audio and not something else (sometimes it happens).

How to Download TikTok Audios | Step 3: Copy the link

At this point it is necessary to copy the link of said video and for this those who use a PC will pass the cursor on the icon of the «curved arrow» which appears on the right side and in doing so a menu with different options will appear and you here, you will click on the option that says: «copy link» which is accompanied by two intertwined chain links.

Note No. 1: Also, as an alternative, you can copy the URL that appears in the address bar of the browser you use.

In the meantime, mobile phone users will click on the «curved arrow» which is shown at the bottom right and by doing so a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen and here you will click on the option icon for » copy link » which would be the icon represented by two interlocking chain links and voila, copied link.

How to Download TikTok Audios | Step 4: Open the online service

Once they copy the link of the video they want to download from TikTok, they will open a tab of their favorite browser and here, they will enter the web page: » Musically down » (you can Google with its name).

How to Download TikTok Audios | Step 5: Paste the link

With the previous action, they will enter the cover of Musically Down and here, they will have to paste in the central box that says: «Entra TikTok Video OR Son Link here…» the TikTok video link by clicking on the box and then pressing “Ctrl + v » or, by clicking with the right mouse button and from the menu displayed, select with a click, the option that says: «Paste«.

Note No. 2: Once the link is pasted in the box, it is recommended to verify that it is correct and for this it must comply with the following: it must be composed of the TikTok web address, slash, TikTok user, slash, the video section on TikTok, slash and finally the video ID number, such as:

How to Download TikTok Audios | Step 5: Download an audio

After doing the above, they will press or click on the yellow button that says: «DOWNLOAD«.

Musically Down will process your download request and then, a new page will load where the respective video will appear and next to it, the download buttons and you here, press or click on the yellow button that says: «DOWNLOAD MP3 NOW»

They will be taken to the MusicallyDown audio download page and then there, they will press or click the yellow button that says: «DOWNLOAD MP3 NOW»

Perfect, they did great. The classic window that allows you to download the files will appear and here, just click on the button that says: «Accept» in this window and the audio of a TikTok video will start downloading.

That way, they'll have that precious audio from that TikTok video, and that concern is addressed in this guide: how to download audio from TikTok and by the way, using the same procedure you can download as many audios as you want from TikTok.

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