How to download instagram photos from other users

How to download instagram photos from other users

They say that many of the things in this world enter through the eyes… In the case of the Internet or social networks like Instagram, this takes on a lot of strength and meaning since there are not a few users who take the trouble to upload photos that are truly impressive for their aesthetics or beauty that, after all, is a great pleasure to see and certainly makes you want to save or download them in some way.

Luckily today there are programs or services that are really captivating and very easy to use to be able to save or archive all those precious photos that we see on Instagram of other users and then -in this way- being able to dispense with that unique »artisanal way» of using the print screen key and then using the classic Paint or Photoshop to somehow save the online photos you want… Now, in this article I show you how use one of these online programs to download Instagram photos and this is in addition to some previous articles in which I have described the way to download videos from instagram and the way you can use for upload animated GIFs to your Instagram accountsI hope it will be very useful to anyone interested.

Attached note no. 1 | Before downloading Instagram photos

It is necessary to tell all the people who will save photos of other Instagram users to read this and thus be able to make proper use of the photographic material.

  • First, use photographic content responsibly or fairly.
  • Do not upload other users' photographic content to their accounts as if it were your own, you run the risk of being reported and ethically, it is not appropriate to do so.
  • If you need to use certain content, you must add the respective credits to the author who did so.
  • It is not allowed to use the photos for profit or advertising without the consent of the author of said material.

Now, most of the photos that are downloaded are for later viewing or personal use and there are no major drawbacks to that… Having said that, I will describe the steps to download photos from Instagram of other users in a very simple way.

Download other users' Instagram photos | Step 1

The first thing to do is certainly access the Instagram of that user who has that photo or photos that have attracted his attention and that he wants to have saved, yes or yes, on his PC or mobile phone.

Attached note no. 2 | It should be noted that if Instagram is public, i.e. the photos can be seen by anyone, then it will not be necessary to enter a personal Instagram account, nor will it be necessary to have an Instagram account.

Download other users' Instagram photos | Step 2

Now, once on that user's Instagram page, they would then start looking for those photos they want to download and when they find one, they click on it to see it bigger.

Photo where Frida Khalo and Eduardo Rivera come out.

With the big photo you'll be able to get what's important here, which is the URL and of course it's in the address bar, select the URL and then, right click Ctrl + c, select the URL and then , right mouse button and from the drop-down window that appears, click on «Copy«.

Download other users' Instagram photos | Step 3

In this step and on the other hand, they have to open a new tab of the browser they use (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other) and enter the tool that will help them download that photo(s) from Instagram and a for the rest, they can do a Google search or type the URL of the service you'll be using into the address bar and upload it. Well, for the purpose of this tutorial I've chosen » Distinct » which I found very easy to use and will show you the easy process with this online service.

Attached note no. 3  | By the way, at the end of this article I leave you other services that you can use for the same purpose and also an excellent service to download or download all Instagram photos at once.

Well, when you access Dinsta's page or service you can see a box that says «Enter Instagram URLs» and right there, you will have to paste (Ctrl + v) correctly and integrate the URL of that photo which you opened in the previous step and what you really want to have and after this, click on the red button which says » Plan your trip «.

Download other users' Instagram photos | Step 4

With the previous action, a new page will open where the photo to download will be shown in medium scale and below, a text will appear that says » Download » Well, you can click on the text that says Download and that's it.

Or, you can right-click on the photo and then click «Save image as…»

And then, the typical window to save the image will open and then, the location where that photo will be saved will be chosen, it will be possible to give it a name and finally click on the button «Save» and in this way, the instagram photo will be downloaded and colorado colorado this story is over.

Attached note no. 4  | To save multiple photos you will have to perform the same procedure for each photo you want to have and surely this can be a bit slow… Now, if there are many photos it will be better to use the Instaport service with which you can download all the photos of an Instagram profile at once (does a real backup) and then select the photos you want to have and that's it.

More tools to download Instagram photos

  • Instaport (web: | This service allows you to quickly and efficiently download all photos and videos from the Instagram account. It is very valuable when you need to back up all your uploaded material or when you cancel an account and want to take what belongs to you.
  • Torch Browser (web: | It is a web browser which, among the many functions, allows you to download files from the Internet and, in fact, with it you can download photos and videos from Instagram.
  • Download Gram (web: | This is another photo and video download alternative that is worth using.

Mobile download tool

If they intend to use the mobile for this purpose, they can use any of these services.

  • InstaSave (Google Play) | it's 100% free and you can download or save public photos and videos from Instagram to your device.
  • Instagram (iTunes) | It allows you to forward the publication and save photos and videos.
  • Quick Downloader (iTunes) | a service for saving photos and videos.
  • Downloader facile (Google Play) | another tool that allows you to download photos and videos.
  • Downloader video (Google Play) | Finally, another program that adds to the previous ones to have those precious Instagram photos.

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