How to download WhatsApp for PC and guide to use it with your mobile phone

How to download WhatsApp for PC and guide to use it with your mobile phone

Download and install WhatsApp Desktop it is very useful to save some energy on your mobile and work in a larger and more comfortable environment. However, with this desktop application, however, it is necessary to make a connection with the QR Code and have the Smartphone turned on. For this reason, this post will not only help you download WhatsApp in all its versions but also help you with account linking.

WhatsApp is an application in constant use today and have a desktop alternative is very useful on many points of view. For example, to share files, view photos and videos on a bigger screen or even to write more comfortably. WhatsApp Web and Desktop are excellent options and they work the same way, so you can choose the one you prefer depending on what's most comfortable for you.

Download on different platforms

It is not a diversi modi per download whatsapp for pc or the mobile application, essential for login. To get started, the main method is through the official website WhatsApp, which you can access by following this link. However, it is also possible to do this from the official store of each OS:

Microsoft Store (Windows):

Download QR Code desktop whatsapp Developer: WhatsApp Inc. Price: Kostenlos

App Store (Mac):

Download QR Code ‎WhatsApp Desktop Developer: WhatsApp Inc. Price: Free

Play Store (Android):

Download QR Code Whatsapp messenger Developer: WhatsApp LLC Price: Free

App Store (iOS):

Download QR Code ‎WhatsAppMessenger Developer: WhatsApp Inc. Price: Free

online alternative

Knowing that WhatsApp web it works similar to the desktop application, you will be interested to know how to access this platform. You simply have to follow the address and you will see an interface identical to that of WhatsApp Desktop appear. Then you have to go through the same procedure as applying for log in with the QR Code.

QR code connection

To use the desktop version of WhatsApp (desktop or web) the mobile application must be installed. You will get the WhatsApp version you need according to your Operating System by following the links above. Once you have the mobile and desktop application, you need to perform the following steps to link the accounts:

  1. Launch the desktop app (or the web version). You will see the QR code appear on the screen.
  2. Enter the app on your mobile and tap on the three dots in the corner to open the drop-down menu.
  3. You will see an option that says » Web WhatsApp »Or» Whatsapp web/desktop «.
  4. You will need to press the button » CONNECT A DEVICE «.
  5. In this way the camera will activate with a box that you will have to place in front of the QR Code to scan it. You can select an option that says » Keep the session active » so it doesn't close automatically and you don't have to go through the same steps every time you open the app.

Once completed the steps, the accounts will be synchronized and you will be able to see all the conversations you currently have on the screen. Furthermore, you will have access to other WhatsApp functions such as viewing statuses, sending files of all kinds, archiving conversations, starting a new chat or group, updating your profile picture, and much more.

unlink accounts

If you are logged in to a computer that you share with other users, you will surely want to log out, the process is very simple and is done via your mobile phone. You simply need to open WhatsApp on your mobile device and click on the option that corresponds to the session started, then select “ CLOSE SESSION ".

As you can see, the process of accessing WhatsApp Desktop or even the web version is quite simple, as you simply need to scan the QR Code. This way you will be able to enjoy the features of the most popular instant messaging application from your laptop or desktop.

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