How to earn money for PayPal without investment fast with the Betsim application from Android

What is the Betsim application?

Well, this app is based on betting, specifically it is dedicated to betting for sporting events. It is normal that reading the word betting think of an investment that you can lose if the case is not on your side.

But Betsim is a completely free app, by free we mean that you don't need real money to bet, although, if you generate enough, you can exchange its internal currency for very good rewards.

This application works with a virtual currency that bears the name of bycoin, this is the only way to bet in the app and when you win a bet you are rewarded with it.

But you still have the opportunity to materialize your earnings in the application through the Bycoins trading system that it offers you.

How to use the Betsim application?

To learn how to manage this application we leave you a series of instructions that you must follow, in this way you can generate money with Betsim.

The device

It is important to note that this application currently only works for android, this is because its developers own a company dedicated exclusively to this operating system.


The first thing you should do is purchase the app, this can be done via the Play Store, you just need to search for its name and download and install it.

How to earn money for PayPal without investment fast with the Betsim application from Android

Once the app is installed you have to enter it and register, you will have three options to do it, with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account.

Acquire Bycoin

The app will assign you a batch of Bycoin, then you will start with 500 Bycoin that the app gives away only for download and registration.

You can buy more if you enter the app menu and click on » Redeem code «, There you have to enter the code of a friend who suggested the application.

You can also share your code, this is a great option, because it will give you 500 Bycoin for each person who enters it at the time of registration.

Make a bet

Well now that you have the app, you just need to start betting, the bet amount can be whatever you decide, so you can bet large amounts to generate Bycoin faster.

How to materialize your rewards?

Betsim offers you the chance to exchange your Bycoins for great rewards, ranging from a surprise game on Steam, up to a total of $ 500 that you can receive in your PayPal account.

To get these rewards, you just need to accumulate a certain amount of Bycoins that improve your stay in the app.

The way to acquire Bycoin it's quite simple, you just have to bet and hope to win, it should be noted that this is the only way to acquire Bycoins for your main balance, which is what you can exchange for rewards.

This is important to highlight because there is a second accumulation of Bycoin, the bonus balance which is what you get through the options that the app offers you, such as watching videos or sharing your code with your friends.

How to earn money for PayPal without investment fast with the Betsim application from Android


These exchanges are done via the Betsim app website, where you need to complete a few steps to get the rewards.


It is an easy way to make money without investing a single penny, which makes it very uncertain and compelling at the same time.

The application Betsim has a payment availability system, then you will have to wait until the system has enough to cancel your reward.

We hope this article clarify your doubts on this app so famous all over the world in recent months and that allows you to manage it in the best way.

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