How to easily change or change margins in Word

Word is a very good computer program belonging to the package Office, the company that created this package is the renowned Microsoft, its main focus is on word processing.

This powerful tool it is mainly used to create text of type: professional, creative or informative academic text formats.

Word is an indispensable resource that must be present on every computer, word processors are so important that they can be found in all types of operating systems. In Linux we find the OpenOffice package which has its own word processor. To download the official Office suite, you can click Download Office.

Change the margins in Word

As already mentioned, it is very easy change the margins of Word, to perform this action we need to do the following:

  • Find the option Layout of page this option is located on the ribbon of tabs located at the top of the word processor, it is located among the options Inserisci e References, click on it.
  • After selecting the option Layout of page , you can see the option Edges, this option is found in the section called Set page.
  • Word will offer 5 or 6 margin options (Normal, Narrow, Moderate, Wide, Mirrored).
  • You need to select the option that best suits your document.

How to easily change or change margins in Word

As you can see that it is extremely easy to edit or change the margins of Word, now you will wonder, how can i customize word margins? Since many times we want to strictly put narrow margins on the document we want to create or which is already being edited.

Well, there is nothing to worry about, the next section shows you how personalize easily i margini di Word.

Customize Word's margins

It is one thing to be able to change the margins of Word to which the tool presents itself by default to users and another is to customize them, to adapt them to our document.

To carry out the customization it is necessary to follow the instructions below:

  • First we need to click on the tab Planning page, this tab is located in the ribbon of tabs at the top of the word processor.
  • Then you can see the option Edges, we have to click there.
  • Various options will be displayed, in these options are i margins of Word defaults, since what you want is personalize let's go to the last option called Custom margins and click on it.
  • By selecting the option Custom margins four editable margins are displayed (Top, Bottom, Left and Right), whose values ​​must be changed according to the editing needs of the document.

When doing leveling work, they are normally used for Top Margin (3cm), Left (4cm), Right (2cm), Bottom (3cm). If you want to check it, you can put the Microsoft Word rule and see the margins of your page.

Some useful tips for Word

Now that you know how to change word margins, this section presents a number of tips or advice so that our readers can make better use of the wonderful tool of Word. Let's begin!

How to easily change or change margins in Word

  • By pressing the Ctrl + U keys you can open a new document.
  • To insert the time into the document Alt + Shift + H and to insert a date Alt + Shift + F.
  • Pressing F7 takes you directly to the spelling of the document.
  • To select the font, press the Ctrl + Shift + M keys.
  • You can open a document faster by using the Ctrl + O keys this is done when Word is closed.

If you are very interested in the different actions you can do with Word, we present a great article How to Create or Remove Hyperlinks with Word, so that you can keep learning about this amazing tool.

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