How to easily change YouTube language settings

This time we want to bring you an article that shows you how easy it is to make changes to the platform. Therefore, we will show you  how to easily change youtube language settings.

The great variety of videos that can be viewed or played on this platform is almost endless, every day countless multimedia contents are added to this fantastic list.

Only with the intention of providing you with fun, entertainment and often knowledge. But it is also known that many of these video producers can earn a lot of money through YouTube.

How to easily change YouTube language settings

The truth of it all is that many users spend many hours watching videos of their interest, but don't know how to change some things that have to do with YouTube setup. One of them, which we will touch on in this article, to show you in simple steps how to easily change the language settings of YouTube.

How to easily change YouTube language settings

While it may not seem like it, this setup is very important to know, as if you are in a country that is not in your native language. You will want to see this platform in a language you can understand. The same will happen, if it appears in another language and you want to translate it, in our case in Spanish.

To start this tutorial, the first thing we need to do is enter the YouTube platform. To do this, go to the browser of your choice and write the web address This action will take us to the main page and here we will be able to have access to an infinity of video tutorials, films, animations, interviews, funny videos, suspense, horror, etc.

Being here, we will go to the bottom of the page and there we will find a tab with the Language option. We make a clip on this option to change the language and it will take us to another window, in it we can see that appare un large number of languages. In it we will look for the one of our interest, in our case the Spanish language.

Change the language of the YouTube platform

This way, the whole language aspect will change and you will be able to understand everything the page wants to show you now in a language you understand. Now you can read and understand perfectly, all options have changed. You can read for example Search, Direct, Configuration, Report history, Direct, Send suggestions, etc.

You must remember that what you will change in another language is the YouTube platform and not what the videos contain or their titles or specifications. You need to be aware of this and this can be done for any other language you want. If you have a French cousin and want to change the platform language from Spanish to French, you can do it very easily.

You just have to apply the simple steps that we explain to you and it will not take more than a minute to configure the language of the platform. As you can see you can easily change the settings of the YouTube language. And you will surely blame yourself for not doing this before and for saving you so much time wasted on bad translations.

How to easily change YouTube language settings

And in this way we have finished another tutorial that allowed you to know a little more about the different functions that the platform offers you. And in seconds you have learned how to easily change your Youtube language settings.

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