How to easily create a cool matrix effect with Windows Notepad

In order to perform them, you must be attentive to the whole process, otherwise you may have different results than expected. Some websites they even provide incorrect information about it and cause viruses or results that aren't what they were looking for.

In the case of the Matrix effect, the steps are simple and so you can get a glimpse of what you wanted in minutes.

Process for creating the Matrix effect in Windows Notepad

This is one of the most popular tricks used by Windows users, which reminds them of the Matrix movie. This is because you see all the codes found in the Windows Notepad repeatedly and endlessly.

Being able to achieve this is simple, you just need to copy this code and paste it into a new document in notepad:

@eco off

color 02

: tricks

echo% random %% random %% random %% random %% random %% random %% random %% random%

go to the tricks

Once this is done, click on File and then click on the Save As option, selecting your preferred save location. For this to work, it is important that the file name has " . Beat "Added to another description, for example" Test.bat "Without quotes.

With all of this, it can be seen that opening the file will sell a PC system and display the Matrix effect. This will not cover the entire PC screen, just the open window and thus you will have what you were looking for instantly.

How to easily create a cool matrix effect with Windows Notepad

If you wish, you can right-click inside the window and see so several options. These are Mark, Paste, Select All, Scroll and Find, using whichever looks best to continue testing Windows options.

From having a transparent notepad for Windows 10, you can do the matrix effect as well and it can be more innovative. Therefore, the function can be more pronounced in the computer, having the notepad among the main accessory utilities.

Like the effect Matrix, there are other effects or features that can be performed in notepad that can be fun. All of these are equally simple to perform and the results are always safe and effective from any Windows computer.

Even if you have an old computer, you can go through this process, even if you don't have Windows 10 installed. In turn, running some old incompatible applications in Windows 10 is a reverse action to adapt programs to this operating system.

Adaptations are not allowed 100%, as some versions of Windows tend to be a little more exclusive than others. One example is that Windows XP does not allow you to fully view some files, programs or documents created in Windows 10.

Why are there tools that are not available in some versions of Windows?

Updates to all applications allow applications to perform additional tasks. In some cases, there are PC processors that they don't tolerate the updates of Windows 10 or 8, therefore their tools cannot be used.

How to easily create a cool matrix effect with Windows Notepad

Just like there is now Windows 10, there will be other more updated versions of this operating system in the future. Therefore, Windows 8 or 7 does not have these updates, having to resort to Windows 10 to find them.

In the case of this tool, the limitations are almost nil, as it is also possible to turn off a computer with notepad. All the basics will be possible, but in the case of other navigation applications suitable for new versions of Windows, there are no exceptions.

In case you need more updated versions of the operating system to install applications, it is recommended to do so. Well, resorting to unofficial programs can bring viruses that would be harmful to your computer.

If you have other operating systems on your computer, it is not recommended to use programs available alone for Windows. If you do, downloading it could be harmful and slow down your computer completely, making it impossible for any other files or programs to open.

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