How to easily create a YouTube playlist

In this way we can create the lists we want to be able to divide the contents that we know how to consume on YouTube. To give you an example: we can create a playlist for each music genre. This way we can listen to all the songs we like rock, pop, cumbia, etc.

All the songs will be separated and you will create a list for each of the music genres. Likewise you can create lists of what you want to save any type of video. You don't have any kind of limitation in this sense.

So we will see a simple tutorial for easily create a youtube playlist from both your computer and mobile devices using the YT app.

It is a very simple process and you can create as many lists as you want. In this sense, you have no limits, although I advise you to do it thoroughly to have everything more organized. You can  also delete old lists or content from one of them to add new ones.

How to easily create a YouTube playlist

How to create a YouTube playlist on PC

  • The first thing you need to do is find a video you want to add to the playlist. It doesn't matter if you don't have one yet.
  • When you find this video you will have to click on " Save ”Which you can see at the bottom of the video.
  • You can choose " Look later "," Add to Favourite ”Or you can create a playlist from this place. You simply have to enter the name of it.
  • If you decide to configure your privacy and select " Private “, Only you will be able to see that list.
  • Once finished, simply click " Crea ".
  • On PC it is quite easy to create a playlist. It is a matter of a few seconds and then from the " library ”Find your lists or from the menu on the left.

How to easily create a YouTube playlist

Quickly and easily create a playlist on mobile devices

  • From your mobile device whether you have Android or iOS. You have two options for creating a playlist.
  • The first is to go to the video you want to add to your list.
  • Once in this video, simply click on the " Save ”Below it. You will see a pop-up message at the bottom confirming that the video has been saved.
  • In case you want to change the location where the video will be saved. Just click " Change ”In the same pop-up window and you can choose the playlist you want to send it to.
  • Now if you want to do it directly from the library you have to follow these steps:
  • You have to go in " library ".
  • Next you need to click on a playlist in that section.
  • Here you have the option to add a video from your recent playing history to add to that list.
  • Then click " NEXT ".
  • You will be able to add the name of your list and also the privacy settings.
  • Once finished, simply click " Crea ".

It's that simple to create one easily playlist di YouTube. As you can see, it is quite easy from both a computer and any mobile device using the application.

In no time you will be able to create playlists and add as many videos as you want to watch later. Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about it, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box.

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